Monday, December 2, 2013

Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadow for Perfect eye make-up in 10 seconds by Sophie Paris!

Hello dear Nitartstudio Guests~! :D
Do you think it's possible to have a perfect eye make-up in just 10 seconds?? 
Today i'm gonna review a beauty product which claim to do so!

I was really curious whether this particular product really works like magic as it claims, so i tried it. I mean like seriously?! 10 seconds!? O___O whoaaaaa~ i can't even put eyeliner on both eyes with such a short time!!! Without further due, i present you Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadow by Sophie Paris.




Directions of usage at the back of the packaging

Some infos on the left side of the packaging (batch number, expired date, net weight) and the name of the product on the right side.


There are 2 pairs of instant eyeshadow in a box

Front and Back side of the instant eyeshadow

Captured this photo to the direction of the lighting so you can see that each pair is protected by a thin layer of plastic.

I tore the plastic off to take out the product but i wasn't being very careful and accidentally touched the  eyeshadow >___< so as the result some of the eyeshadow sticked on my middle finger as the picture above shows (inside the red circle).


Applied the product according to the directions. Closed my eyelid, raised my eyebrow to give a flat surface for better application, hold the product firmly for approximately 4 seconds. I did this steps for both of my eyelids.

So, how's the result?



I like how the 3 colored instant eyeshadow sticked very easily to my eyelid in just seconds of application. It gives you even colored result in instant, not patchy at all. Very effortless!

I'm not a fan of the final result though... the 3 colored eyeshadow looked really STIFF, the gradation of the colors were noticeably separated from one to another. It desperately needed some blending! i took my blending brush and did a quick blending out of curiosity "will it blend out? or will it stay stiff because it's some kind of a real eyeshadow sticker?" well, apparently the colors were blend out easily!!

This is how it looked like after i blend it out an put on winged eyeliner. Well, i actually kinda like it! XD this method is way faster than applying eyeshadows on your eyelid. An ideal product if you're in a rush.

I went to a beauty event that day and not even one of my fella beauty bloggers commented on my eye make-up so i think the instant eyeshadow looks so natural! just to make sure my thought was right, i asked some of them whether there's something weird about my eye make-up and they stared at me for a while then said "no" lol.

Does it work as it claims?

Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadow by Sophie Paris claims to give a perfect make-up in 10 seconds. The stated 10 seconds are just about enough to put on the instant eyeshadow for both eyes alone. It still needs blending, so i'd say NAHHH.

Recommended for :

This is a great product for busy women who often have to rush and do not have much time to do their makeup but still need to look decent, presentable and pretty. It's so pratical and fast, you just need to blend it out a little and...VOILA!

Not Recommended for :   

Women who actually have enough time to do their eye make-up. Putting on eyeshadows by using proper tools like eye make-up brushes will definitely give you much more satisfying result compared to instant eyeshadow.

Pros :

+ Super fast application!!!
+ Even eyeshadow color (no patches at all)
+ Very practical

Cons :

- STIFF (separated colors)
- Need blending
- Can be messy if you accidentally touch the eyeshadow part (like me!)
- The size of our eyelids can be different, so it's basically like wearing an "All Size T-shirt" :/

 So, what do you think beauty enthusiasts?
Are you interested to try this product as well? 
Until next time, take care~! (^____^)/)

~Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


  1. Ini sekali pakai aja ya sis? Trus itu eyeshadow yang di aplikatornya bisa hilang kah kalau udah nggak dipakai?

    1. iya, sebaiknya sekali pakai aja dear :) walaupun kalo cuma dipakai sekali sebenernya sih masih ada sisa eyeshadow nya tapi mending dibuang karena kalo dipakai lagi nanti hasilnya pasti ga akan sebagus kayak waktu pertama kali pemakaian.

      maksudnya "hilang" gimana dulu nih, dear? ahaha, kalo abis dipakai pasti eyeshadownya lumayan ngilang dari aplikatornya, makanya aku ga nyaranin ini untuk dipakai lebih dari satu kali. ^____^

  2. aih nit ini yang kemaren sabtu yah? cakep2
    ini pake base kah?
    mata gw kecil apa bisa yah *penasarann*

    with love,

    1. IYA! ahaha ga aneh kan? kayak ga ada yang nyadar gitu gw pake sejenis stiker eyeshadow. wkwkwk~

      ini ga pake base dan lumayan tahan loh seharian. Pasti bisaaaaa, mata gw juga sipittt gitu kok! ahahaha XD

  3. Simple bgt, and looked natural on you :)
    Great post !
    Lets following each other . xoxo