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Review of First Aid Aqua Rush Mask from Belif !

Heya Dear Nitarts' Make Up Studio Guests~! ^___^
Are you on your final year of Uni, doing your exhausting thesis / final project? (like me. lol)
Do you have piles of work waiting to be done?
Do you feel stressed out because of your everyday routine at school / work?
If so, read on peeps! :)

Today i'm about to review a perfect mask to relieve your stress level and gives you immediate feeling of relaxation!!! It's called First Aid Aqua Rush Mask from a premium Korean brand called "Belif". The brand claims to be the most truthful and sincere skincare brand that you have ever come across. It leverages the knowledge and traditional herbal processing method passed down from a British herbalist since 1860 to create a cosmetic line formulated with superb ingredients and efficacy for the skin. 

Product description from the official Belif website :

"A wash-off aqua mask that contains moisture, vitamins, and minerals extracted from the roots of the Lotus plant, an aquatic perennial with strong hydrating properties. Instantly provides moisturizing and soothing effects along with a refreshing cooling sensation. The unique formula burst with moisture keeps the dull and dehydrated skin moisturized and smooth, by hydrating and delivering an instant and long-lasting freshness."

Box - Front

Box - Right side
(idk what it says since it's all written in Korean, sorry... >__<)

Box - Left side

 Box - Back

Product - Front

Product - Back
There's a lid as the divider, so the product do not stain the cap of the jar or messed up everytime you want to use the mask

Packaging :

The box and the product jar itself are simple, there's nothing too fancy about the design. BUT i really gives credit because this kind of packaging actually makes us easier to read the provided texts printed on the packaging which contain many information about the product usage, ingredients, etc.

Consistency :

Definitely not thick or even creamy, it's like somewhere between runny and pretty creamy. Well, i'd say pretty runny then since the base is aqua formula. No wonder why i experience trouble decribing the consistency, the product itself says it's an unique formula, which you do not come across everyday.

Color :

Since there's no synthetic colorants added (definitely a plus), so the color isn't vibrant. It's like broken-white. 

Scent :

No synthetic fragrance added (definitely a plus). The product smell like mixture of herbs but subtle. The herb smell is nothing near too overpowering, which i like. If the herb smell is very obvious, some people who do not fancy herb smell would find it pretty annoying.

FYI, this mask do not consist of mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, synthetic dyes. synthetic preservatives, animal-origin ingredients.   Oh yeah~

How to use the mask :

After cleansing and toning, apply generous amount of product onto your face avoiding the eye and mouth area. Leave it for 10 minutes, wash off with lukewarm, then cool water. Voila! :D

*Do not apply only a small amount of product, since it's gonna be dry and makes you uncomfortable*

Does it works as it claims?

Instantly provides moisturizing and soothing effect : YES!
Refreshing cooling sensation : YES!
Keeps the dull and dehydrated skin moisturized and smooth : YES!

This is the first mask which has succeded to impress me. Why? It works exactly as it claims!!! Some of the mask i've ever tried on never gives me the "promised" moisture effect right after i wash it off *shooooo~* it's gone and i have to apply moisturizer soon afterwards. -_____-" Unlike this mask, when i wash it off, the moisture is still there for loooooong hours!! and makes your dull skin more supple and smooth in instant!! :D

I've been using this mask from February, not on regular basis though, only on hectic days, whenever i feel tired, stressed out, need a quick solution to make me feel refreshed (this mask gives you cool sensation once you apply it onto your face). On those days, this works wonder!!!

The reason why i don't use it regularly is because this mask doesn't give you any other benefits for your specific skin problems (blackheads, whiteheads, acnes, wrinkle, make your skin tone brighter, etc.) only makes it feels moisturized, supple and smoother. 

Recommended for :

* People with exhausting daily routine / piles of work / doing thesis (lol) / stressed out for any reasons.
* People who have dull-tired looking skin. 
* Very dry skin, dry, normal, normal to oily, combination.

Not recommended for :

* Super oily skin.
* People who want to seek solutions for their specific face skin problems.

Conclusion of Overall Performance :


+ Long lasting moisture.
+ Makes your skin more supple.
+ Make your skin surface smoother.
+ Cool sensation
+ Makes you feel refreshed and relaxed

- Premium skincare brand = pretty expensive
- Have to apply generous amount of product instead of just a small amount... T______T </3

All in all this mask is superb! I personally love this product! Works wonder! Another winner from Belif. Highly recommended! <3

 That's it for today!
Thanks for reading dear beauty enthusiasts! 
I wish you a fabulous day! ^___^
Until then, take care!


~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)

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