Monday, February 4, 2013

Day to Night Looks for Your Perfect Valentine's Day!

Hello Dear Nitarts' Make-Up Studio Guest! ^__^
It's 10 days before Valentine! Woo~hooo!!
Have you prepared anything special for your loved ones? <3

I actually wanted to create dramatic makeup for the Valentine's day BUT after giving it some thoughts, i went with wearable makeup looks instead so that people who read this blogpost can get some inspirations for their Valentine's day :)

IMHO Valentine's day isn't just for couple, it's the day to celebrate compassion towards your loved ones, with that being said, i think there are possibilities that some people would spend the day with different companions. Let's say family event in the morning, gathering with some friends in the afternoon, and eventually some people would enjoy a date with their BF/GF/husband/wife in the evening. Different occassion does need different look, but what if you didn't have that much time to change your entire look??

In this post i'm about to show you 3 wearable looks for your Valentine's day special events, these looks are easy to achieve yet very versatile.

Warning!!! lotsa pictures, please kindly close the tab if you're not interested :)

Guess what? for all of the 3 looks, i used the same eye makeup!!! so you just need to adjust the lippies and hairdo throughout the whole day, there's no such thing as time consuming! I decided to go with shades of brown for the eyes because it's the most neutral eyeshadow color to wear anytime, super safe. Let's start! :D

1. Morning Event

In the morning, it's best to keep your makeup simple, soft, and natural. Try your hardest not to use bold colors on the cheeks and lips. Do not make visible contouring / shading / highlighting as well, you don't want to scare anyone off first thing in the morning, right? :)

 Lips Product used : NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in 159 LA~ LA~ 

2. Afternoon Event

More colors please to liven up the day! People tend to go to certain places to hang out in the afternoon, some don't want to look too plain. The easiest thing to do are changing your lips color and hairdo (for example, curl you hair with flat iron for about 10-20 minutes, there are many small sized flat irons in the market so you can easily put it in your bag) :D

 Lips Product used : Viva Lipstick no. 25

3. Evening Event

In the evening, people usually attend more formal events, adding glamorous ambience to your look in order to suit the event is mostly preferred. Simply move your haircurls to one side and make it stay put by using some black bobbi pins, plus, again, change your lips color to even more vivid and bolder than the previous one.

 Lips Product used : Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Timothy

P.S : the color is bold in real life, idk why my camera didn't show the right color... T__T

Hope this post could inspire you for your purrr-fect Valentine's day look throughout the day! Thank you for reading :)
Lotsa love! <3

That's it for today, dear readers!
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~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


  1. cakepppp, aku paling suka yg morning look nit..
    dolly2 gmn gt xD <3

  2. yg morning look paling natural sih yaaa... haha kalo yg afternoon sm evening emang keliatan lebih dewasa (tua) hiks... hahaha... T___T
    anw, thank you riiiin!! hehe ^^

  3. Haha ga kliatan tua kok nit....Cakep...

  4. ah masa sih ci Mui >,< ahaha... makasih ya cii ! xx

  5. cute banget say.. :D
    hehehe.. yg morning bagus banget...
    enaknya bisa pake lipgloss tnp bibir terlihat tebal..hehehe

  6. waahhh, thanks a lot dear Gitaaa ^^
    bibir aku justru ga tebel makanya yg morning prefer pk lipgloss bir agak "penuh" hehe
    makasih udah mampir yaaa *hugs*

  7. kawaiii :*

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