Friday, January 18, 2013

Fab hair result in just minutes!

Hiya dear Nitarts' MakeUp Studio Guests! :)
Hope you're all doing alright, esp those who live in Jakarta, Indonesia.
The floods in certain areas are pretty ridiculous. Stay safe guys!

Today's post is about one of the two treatments which delievered really, really good result for my hair!
What is it? ... it's the Fusio-Dose treatment!

Fusio-Dose is one of the newest treatments by Kerastase, a luxury haircare brand established in 1964 in France, the brand is distributed through high end hair salons. The brand is also a part of the multi-national L'Oreal Group.

What is Fusio-Dose treatment?

i'd say it really is a breakthrough, a sophisticated innovation!! As we've known since forever, there are specific treatments for hair problems such as oily hair, dry hair, colored hair, etc.

 BUT! What if my hair has more than one problem?  :(

For example, your hair is dry and colored, which problem would you choose to be treated first? your dry hair or your colored hair? i think people would prioritized their primary hair problem first, right. Let's get real here, dear. If i've already had a treatment for my dry hair, i wouldn't go for another treatment for colored hair the next day.

Reasons ?

1. Money wise : it's a lot to spend on.
2. Time wise : Jakarta means bad traffic. You could spend hours on the way for a less than an hour treatment. 
3. Ineffective : if you could do it at one go, why not? definitely impractical.

Fusio-Dose treatment make it possible for us to save time, money, and treat more than one hair problems, which is  your primary and secondary hair problem! 
Here's how : they uniquely mixed the concentrate and booster for your primary and secondary need, as you can see on the chart below :)

Sounds promising right, but will it really work as it claims? well, let's see...
You can easily find this treatment at high-end salons. I did my treatment at Irwan Team Salon at Central Park Mall branch with Tia and Jesslyn. Here's how the salon looks like. 

From the outside, my first impression on this salon is pretty luxurious.

As i walked in, turned out the interior isn't anywhere near luxurious lol, looks can be deceiving sometimes. It's modern, simple, elegant, nothing too over the top and it's also more spacious than i thought it's gonna be! to my surprised, this salon even has the second floor!!! oh wow, didn't expect that at all. o__o

 Hair cut price list (depends on the stylist you choose)

 Kerastase ritual price list 
Ok, let's begin the treatment!

The male hairdresser diagnose my primary and secondary hair problems like a pro. (only took about 5 mins!! and he was right) o___o
Primary problem : colored hair 
Secondary problem : damaged hair

Here's how the packagings look like, a mini pink capped bottle concentrate for colored hair and a green cap booster for damaged hair.

The hairdresser washed my hair, half dried it, then mixed the concentrate (pink capped bottle) and the booster (green cap) together. How unique. He applied the chemicals evenly to my hair, the process is super fast, because he didn't section my hair!! o___o 

Afterwards, he heated my hair up using this machine for only 10 minutes or so, and then washed my hair again *Idk what this thing called btw, lol my bad* The previous super fast process really lowered my expectation. I wasn't convinced such process could deliver a good result... T__T 

Here's the result :

It was mindblowing for me!!! >____<

i mean... the process was super fast to the extend i thought this treatment won't worth the money but i was wrong all along! My dull and faded colored hair instantly look much more vibrant as if i've just freshly dyed my hair. Whoa... Kerastase products sure are different, i know it's a high-end brand, but still, the process is effortless, the result is really gewwddddd!!

Another big difference was, my hair felt waaaay softer! You can see how my hair falls down easily. It's only a temporary result though, lol. Once you wash your hair *POOF* the soft effect dissapeared unlike the vibrant hair color result.

*love love* >__<

The price of this treatment is between IDR 150.000 - IDR 200.000. i forgot the exact price.

Pros at doing this treatment at Irwan Team salon at Central Park branch  :

+ Super fast process, No kidding.
+ Professional hairdressers. You can definitely tell based on how they treated your hair and your friends'.
+ Comfortable and spacious salon.
+ Vibrant hair color that actually lasts.
+ Amazing hair in just minutes!

Cons :
- The softer hair result is only temporary. -__-

Overall, i personally really like this treatment! definitely worth it! but keep in mind that the result is depend on your hair condition since this treatment combined two different chemicals, the concentrate for your main hair problem and the booster for your secondary hair problem. What works for my hair might not works for yours. :(

Until then, take care dear beauty enthusiasts!
 Thanks for spending your time reading this long (hopefully pretty detailed) post!
Have a fabulous Friday! :D

- Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


  1. Oh I wish that I still live in Jakarta. For some reasons, I love jakarta because of these kinds of treatments!
    I love Kerastase! And I used to go to Irwan Team as well (: Love this post!

    visit my blog? (:

  2. i love Kerastase too! and yes Irwan Team offers decent services. Thanks a lot dear Stephanie! ^__^

    i've visited and yours is very interesting! xx