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Sally Hansen Press Event!

Hiya Dear Nitartstudio Guests~! 
Merry Christmas 2013!
Hope you had a wonderful one (\(^____^)/)

I supposed to have this event report posted since weeks ago but due to some unfortunate events, this post was abandoned on my blog drafts. I'm truly sorry for this late event report!!! Hope you guys still enjoy it nonetheless, because guess what? this is a Sally Hansen event! YAY!

Last month i attended their event which took place at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia. The exact venue was at the Hotel's spa so the ambience was really relaxing. I arrived pretty early and was greeted by Sally Hansen team, Allison (Australian) and Anne (French), they're so friendly.

Since the event hasn't started yet, i explored the products provided at the venue. There were sooooo many of them! Gosh! i was like a fat girl in a candy store. lol~ XD

Honestly, their wide range of products really surprised me. I knew that Sally Hansen is well known for their nail treatment products so they have very specific products to overcome various nail problems, but now, they also have high quality real nail polish strips and coloured nail polishes.

and... just when i thought Sally Hansen was all about nail products only, turned out i was so wrong!!! :O

 Airbrush Legs
(Allison said, in Australia every model has to use this before doing a photoshoot. It's a must! lol)

 Hair Remover

Finally, Allison's presentation has started! 

Sally Hansen invented "Hard as Nails" in 1958 and it's still a best selling product today (how cool is that?). There are 3 key pillars of Sally Hansen products : beauty tools, nail treatment and nail colour. 
All in all, the presentation was focusing on the introduction of their products and the brand itself, you can find out more about it on their official website HERE

I absolutely love how detailed the informations were given, i didn't know anything about their products at all besides the treatments range and now i know way more! yay!

Oh, there's an interesting thing i should share with you guys, from this event i just found out that everything you can do to your face, you can do it to your nails, too! (including putting on mask, etc.) :O

After Allison's presentation has ended, we're moving on to manicure session! *excited*

Color options
i chose the color inside the red circle on the photo above, but too bad they didn't bring it…

I ended up choosing 3 shades,
1. Pretty bronze-rosy gold colour called Pennies For Heaven

2. Mysteriously charming teal colour called Jungle Gem
3. Sparkly teal colour called Mermaid's Tale

Comfortable and relaxing manicure room

Shella (Ochell) and i 
we're busy taking pics for our beauty blog. lol~

The result!

O.K, so before you guys judging me for not having my nails covered in the same colours, please let me explain, lol. Because the shade i originally wanted wasn't there, i decided to experiment by wearing different colours on both hands… and well, as weird as this may sounds, i gotta say that i actually kinda like it! it's so bold and unusual. *_____*

After i had my nails done, i had a great time talking to Allison, she's so sociable and easy to talk to.

Allison and some of the beauty bloggers

If i could give an award for the healthiest food and drinks provided on a beauty event i attended in 2013, Sally Hansen would be an easy winner!!!

From left to right :

1. Beet Root - Orange - Ginger : lower blood pressure, weight loss program.
2. Tomato - Celery : aids digestion, anti aging.
3. Carrot - Apple - Cucumber : cures diabetic and pain management.
4. Pineapple - Apple - Ginger : antioxidant, strengthen bone.

A beauty event isn't complete without a group photo, right?

with Ochell

If you haven't tried Sally Hansen products and are interested, you can easily get their products at selected Guardian, Watsons, Matahari, Metro, Sogo, Centro, Glow stores. 

Thank you Sally Hansen for inviting me, it broadens my knowledge about the products which i really like. I really appreciate it! :D

See you soon, dear beauty enthusiasts!
Take care~!

~ Nita Desilia Tannawi

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