Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nivea Pinkish Boost 3 in 1 Review !

Hello Dear Nitarts’ Make-Up Studio Guests!
Do you have dull lips? Today I’ll be reviewing a lip product that might just gives you the answer :)

It’s a local drugstore product so you can get this product easily, it’s Nivea Pinkish Boost 3 in 1 !

This products claims to :

1.   Restores natural lip colour
2.   Reduces lip dullness
3.   Protects lips with SPF 15
+ 8 hours Moisture Formula

Price :

For a Nivea product I’d say the price isn’t as cheap as most of their lip products, this costs around IDR 43.000-45.000 (US $4-$5) for 10 ml of product.

Packaging :

A sweet, soft pink doff tube, glossy silver cap. The design is kind of sweet but common, nothing special.

When i attempeted to open the packaging, apparently it didn't turn out smoothly, idk if this was my fault or the packaging itself but i did try to open carefully so there's a big chance it wasn't because of me.

i had to ripped the packaging off to get the product out eventually.

but I really gives the credit for the tube’s mouth because the shape makes the product's easier to be applied precisely onto the lips.

Color :

The color isn’t something that i had in mind. I know it’s called Nivea Pinkish Boost but I thought it’d be soft-transparent pink, but apparently the color is really vivid.

 My lip before applying the product. Looking dry, visible fine lines, especially on the lower lip.

After application. The product does a good job in filling the lines and delivers a natural pinkish result.

Natural result. A pinkish colored lip with a touch of a subtle glossy finish, suitable for everyday look.

Texture :

Creamy. This might be a plus or minus depending on your taste. Some may finds this product’s can be too greasy for their liking and some may find this is actually a good thing since it keeps their dry lips moisturized longer.

Scent :

It doesn’t have a strong scent, only subtle scent, somewhat resembles the smell of Red Cherry. Nothing to overpowering.

Finish touch :

Glossy. if you’re ok with glossy finish, this gives you a beautiful yet subtle glossy finish, not too over the top but if you’re a hardcore matte finish fan on your lips, then this product might not be for you.

Does it really work as it claims?

1.   Restores natural lip colour
This first claim didn’t work on me BUT it might be because i naturally has a kind of pigmented lips. People often mistaken me to use lip products even when I don’t use anything and after I ate frieds they thought i used a bold red glossy lip product.

2.   Reduces lip dullness
I’d say yes. This product actually helps to reduce the dullness of your lips slightly. It’s similar to when you put on your lipbalm, your dullness temporarily reduced instantly, on frequent use it will slightly reduce your dullness and bring back the natural color on your lips.

3.   Protects lips with SPF 15
This factor is definitely a plus. It’s not just your face/body skin that needs protections from the harmful UV rays whenever you’re outside, but your lips as well.

+ 8 hours Moisture Formula
I'd say no. even without drinking/eating the product doesn't moisturize that long, it only lasted about around 2 hours or so.

Conclusion of Overall Performance :

Really suitable for everyday look, even for outdoors activity because this product contains SPF 15. The small sized product also makes it convinient to bring in your daily make-up pouch. I expected more from this product though, so i'd say the quality is pretty good but not that good. Not something that you should have on your makeup pouch, but it's ok if you want to try out of curiosity :)

Pros :

+ Available on many local drugstores (Easy to get)
+ Small sized (Easy to bring anywhere)
+ Subtle gloss finish (Natural, not too over the top)
+ Sun protection (SPF 15)

Cons :
- Some may find the texture is too greasy for their liking
- Deliver result like a regular lipbalm, nothing special
- Not as cheap as most of the Nivea lips products

Repurchase? Unfortunately no. 

Still, thanks a lot for Nivea for giving me the Nivea Pinkish Boost 3 in 1 !! I really appreciate it :)

 That's it for today!
Thanks for reading dear Make-Up enthusiasts! 
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~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


  1. aduh yang empunya bibir,bibirnya udah bagus,pake si nivea boost,jadi pengen pake juga deh,kayanya bikin garis di bibir hilang gitu :D

  2. halah bisa aja kamu viaaa *cubit* hahahah XD
    iya jadi bikin ilusi garis bibirnya ilang lho produk ini, klo kamu mau nnt aku bawain aja pas kita ketemu kapan gitu, hehe :)

  3. nice review! aq suka wrnanya ^^

    gbung 1st giveaway aq jg yaa.. thankyouu :)

  4. Nitaaa... bibirmu aslinya warnanya bagus banget, pink alami gitu.. aku iri huhuhu... ;)

    Nice review post by the way.. :D


  5. yurii, apanya yg bisa di-iriin >,< merendah banget kamuuuu deh... hahaha *cubit*
    thanks a lot yaaa! ^__^