Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wardah Eyeconic Soiree - Eye Expert Series : Staylast Gel Liner & Staylast Liquid Liner!

Hello dear Nitartstudio Guests~!
Good news for Wardah Cosmetic lovers!
They has launched the new Eye Expert Series!!! YAYYY~ (\(^____^)/)

Last Friday, 28th March 2014, some media representatives, fashion bloggers and beauty bloggers were invited to Wardah Eyeconic Soiree at Portico Terrace Bistro, Senayan City, Jakarta to experience a lovely evening and trying out their newly launched eye products. I was invited by Indonesian Beauty Blogger. Thank you IBB!

Thea and i arrived way too early to the venue. lol~ (^__^")

Some time later... all of the guests have arrived as well.
Dresscode : Black and Silver.

I have to give Wardah Cosmetic team credits for this beautifully styled decorations and i bet all of the guests felt really welcomed because each of us have our names printed in front of the table! :D

White roses were pretty much everywhere~

How cute is this? >___<

The MC of the day greeted us warmly

Wardah Cosmetic Product Manager and Make-Up Artist were explaining the details regarding the newly launched Wardah Eye Expert Series : Staylast Gel Liner and Staylast Liquid Eyeliner.

Staylast Gel Liner has Parafin Soy Wax Blend as active ingredients and Soybean Oil as the base, mixed with glycerides (linoleic, oleic, linolenic and palmitic acids) while Staylast Liquid Eyeliner has Aloe Vera as active ingredients and volatile solvent to make the eyeliner dries up fast once applied but of course still safe for the eyes. The final result for the Gel Liner is matte while the Liquid Eyeliner is glossy.

The guests were excitedly trying out the eyeliners.

I chose to apply the Liquid Eyeliner, it was intensely Black!

After done with having the eyeliners applied, we're enjoying our dinner and chit-chatting with other bloggers. All in all, it was a beautiful and enjoyable event!!! <3

My First Impression of Wardah Eye Expert Series?

The modern feeling of "Eye Xpert" typography design.

Ready, Set, Bold! lol pretty creative.

Inside of the "book"

Both of the packaging are identical, chic and simple. The silver caps are made out of plastic, however, the gel liner pot is made out of glass while the liquid eyeliner is from plastic.

The gel liner has an attached brush from the cap for easy application.

Details of the liquid eyeliner.

I love how both of them have intense Black Colour and really easy to be applied.

Waterproof and Smudge Test

Conclusion :

I love how both of Wardah Eye Expert Series : Staylast Gel Liner and Staylast Liquid Liner have intense Black colour in just one stroke, the application is sooo easy as well, ideal for daily make-up look! BUT if you're going to a big event (concert, wedding celebration, graduation, etc.) then i don't reccommend these because the staying power is good, not great. All in all, for affordable products, the quality is pretty good!!! :)

Thank you IBB and Wardah Cosmetic!
Thanks for visiting dear beauty enthusiasts!
See you on the nest post!
Take care~! ^^

~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


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    1. Iya nih dear, sepertinya karena sedang launching produk baru, hehe. Makasih ya udah mampir!! ^^

  2. waaah, wardah ada gel linernya juga ya xD
    aku suka swatchesnya, itu kisaran berapa?

    1. Iya nih dear, mereka baru aja launching Gel Liner sama Liquid Eyeliner, iyaa warnanya item banget! aku juga sukaaaa <3
      sayangnya waktu itu belum dikasihtau harganya huhu... tapi dijamin terjangkau! hehe makasih ya udah mampirrr~ ^^

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  4. andai ini ga pas weekday, ga sore", gue datenggg!!!!
    nyesel banget ga dateng, liat event report keceh beginiiii :')

    ✿ Kawaii Fuku ✿

    1. yahhhh neniii sih~
      lain kali dateng dong hahaha, ketemuan sama Anne nih kemarin buat pertama kali XD hehe

  5. Acaranya seru dan tempatnya kece. Andai wardah adain di palembang...

    1. iya nih, hehe… semoga next time diadain juga di kota kamu yah dear! :)

  6. Pengen cobain jugaa. Keren kayanya eventnya yaa Cee ^_^

    1. ayuk2 next time dateng ke beauty event juga reeee. Aku belom pernah ketemu kamuuu… hehe ^^