Friday, November 22, 2013

"The Blue Mermaid" Fantasy Make-Up Creation!

Hiya dear Nitartstudio Guests~! (^____^)/)
Have you joined November IBB Make-Up Challenge (MUC)?
Not yet? Hurry! Today is your last chance to join the amazing challenge! 

This month's theme is FANTASY make-up titled "Once Upon a Time", sponsored by Coverderm Indonesia. It's super exciting! You can interpret "fantasy" in any way you like, from fabulous, horror, special effect make-up, just take your pick! :D  

I encourage all of you to take a part in this MUC before it's ended today (last submission is 23:59 WIB). The prizes sponsored by Coverderm are superb! you won't regret it. It's a well-known brand for perfect camouflage of any imperfections and i'm personally a fan!

Because this month's sponsor is Coverderm, for my version of this MUC, i use their products to achieve a flawless "canvas", if you haven't tried Coverderm (especially the Classic Foundation) then you're missing out. It's my favorite product from the brand. Worth every penny! >___<

3 step to help me achieving flawless skin.

Coverderm Skin Protector

 Coverderm Classic Foundation

Coverderm Finishing Powder

Okay enough with the talking, moving on to my Fantasy Make-Up creation. I called it as "The Blue Mermaid".

What's the story?

Once upon a time there was a Blue Mermaid who looked unfriendly, so the other mermaids were scared to approach her. The Blue Mermaid didn't try to approach them first, nobody knows why... eventhough deep inside her heart she felt lonely and badly in need of a friend. The others didn't know what's on her mind because she's as mysterious as ever. She spent days and nights just on her own and eventually... die alone. </3

Here are some final result photos of "The Blue Mermaid" character i came up with :

Left side details

Right side details

Gradation Lips details

Here's the steps to get my fantasy look done from a complete bare face :D

 Bare face - Final result

That's it for today, hopefully you guys like my simple fantasy make-up creation and don't forget to join this MUC, the clock's ticking!! Unleash the creativity within you and stand a chance to win Coverderm products!! :D

Thanks a ton for visiting dear beauty enthusiasts :)
Stay fabulous!
Until then, take care~

~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


  1. kereeenn banget ini nit!! km pake face painting apa? ak jg pengen bikin beginian hahaha

    duh ngiler koleksi coverderm km huhuw >_<

    1. aku ga pake face painting wie, pake eyeshadow aja huahaha, face painting cuma ada 1 merk snazaaro warna putih gitu, beli di toko yg namanya "paper clip" >,<

      aaah koleksi apaannn, aku cm punya 3 prodak ini doang dr coverderm, ayo icip2 foundienya wie, bagusssssss XD