Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fantasy Make-Up Look : Emotionless Cowboy Lady!

Hello Dear Nitarts' Make-Up Studio Guests~!
It's October 2nd, woohooo!
Happy Batik day! :D

For those who aren't familiar with "Batik", it's a traditional cloth with some extraordinary patterns from Indonesia, most are produced by using a manual wax-resist dyeing technique.

Anyways, it's been more than half a year that i haven't shared my fantasy make-up creations on my blog and it seems like some of you guys have been missing it, thank you loads for the support!
*love love* (\(^ o ^)/)

Yesterday was my free time so i decided to make play with make-up as a "come back" for my fantasy make-up creations on my blog, YAYYY! *throws confetti*

Well, i honestly didn't know what kind of look i wanted to create yesterday because my decision to make a fantasy make-up look was too sudden! I usually thought about the concept first then picked the products i'd be using to interpret the concept.

So yeah, since i had no clue about what i was about to create, i just went with the flow (crazy, i know !!! >__<).  I began to prepare my face as the canvas by applying foundation. I used a foundie which is probably 2 shades lighter to achieve a pale-colored face then filled my eyebrows with purple eyeshadows and applied some colors on my face by using pink - purple - green - yellow - white eyeshadows. Afterwards i didn't know what to do next, lol... so i grabbed black eyeliners from various brands and started drawing some patterns on my face according to my liking, lalala~ XD

I really enjoyed the process until i realized that the result looked somewhat ridiculous... (-____-) but then... it kind of growing on me!

To complete the whole look, i used pale colours to make a gradation on my lips, swiped black nail polish on my nails, picked up my cowboy hat and... VOILA!!! After done with the whole look, i came up with an idea for the concept. 

What's the Story?

It's about a cowboy lady who has been emotionally hurt and betrayed many times by people she wholeheartedly trusted throughout her journey. Drowned in devastation, she reached the point where she lost the capability to express what she feels inside as a shield to prevent people from breaking into her guarded yet fragile heart.

Meet the "Emotionless Cowboy Lady" !

Right side detail

 Left side detail

How it looks like from the front

 Closed eyes - whooops! the application of the eyeliner is kind of messy. My bad... 

Edited for pure fun! "Wanted : IBB Members" Trololol~ XD

Products Used 

Foundation : Revlon New Complexion Oil Control Make-Up in 01 Ivory

Eye Primer : ELF Eyelid Primer

Eyeshadows : Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette

Eyeliner : Tony Moly Party Lover Liquid Eyeliner in 01, Make Over Eye Liner Pencil in Black Jack, Kelly Smooth Eyeliner Pencil in Black


Lip : Coastal Scents 66 Lip Palette

After done taking pics, i removed this heavy make-up using my current favorite make-up remover, Bioderma. Needed some efforts because Bioderma isn't that powerful but definitely an awesome product!!! Read my review HERE

That's it for today dear!
I know it's far from perfection but i had so much fun making it! lol
Thank you for checking my post out!
I will update more fantasy make-up from now on, so please stay tuned, O.K~!!! 

~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


  1. kyaaaa cetar! tutorialnya donk nit T_______T
    pengen bikin kayak gini hahaha

    1. oke, next post kalo bikin fantasy make-up aku bikin step by step nya yaa, hehe ^^ kamu juga cetarrr! congrats ya menang MUC bulan kemarin!! you deserve it wie! :*

  2. nittt! cantik banget teteuup.. hihihi, suka banget pokoknya!

    1. aku juga suka banget sama look kamu pas Make Over competition hari Minggu kemarin! pantes banget deh buat jadi juara 1 !! :*

  3. nitaaaa kerennn bangettttt <3 <3

  4. Kuereennn! sukaaaaaaa <3
    new follower here ♡♥