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First Blush Box Pre-Launching Exclusive Beauty Box Review

Hello Dear Nitarts' Make-Up Studio Guests~!
If you're a beauty enthusiast then i supposed you've already known about all the fuss regarding numerous beauty boxes available in Indonesia this year! :D

If you're not familiar with "Beauty Box", it's basically a type of subscription service where customers receive a box filled with samples / full size beauty products (make-ups, skincares) or tools, vouchers, etc. on a monthly basis. This beauty box is delivered right to your address so it's pretty much like getting a beautiful surprise in front of your door each month! Woohoooo~ Sounds exciting, right?

Today, i'm gonna review the newest beauty box in town!

Yes, it's First Blush Box !

Last August, First Blush box team offered to send me First Blush's pre-launching exclusive beauty box and i agreed out of curiosity. (^___^)

Hmm... what kind of beauty box is First Blush? What kind of beauty products would be included inside? I wondered until finally, my very first First Blush box has arrived safely, YAYYY~! 

The package came in a cardboard box

Let's unwrap it, shall we? XD

This is the design of the packaging. Whoaaa, triangular? (O__O) how interesting! not the kind of shape i had in mind. There's also a strap on top of it so you can easily carry the box.

Let's see what kind of products are inside! 

Greeting card 

Product description - Front page

Product description - Back page

Pink nail buffer

ORLANE Paris Absolute Skin Recovery Cleansing Serum Eyes

ORLANE Paris Extreme Line-Reducing Lip Care

2 Mini O.P.I Nail Lacquers

D'Eyeko premium false eyelashes in 107 Super Full

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter (mini-sized)

3 Sample sachets of Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

Some Beauty Vouchers

All things inside of the box~

...Well, i thought things were perfectly fine.

The box was delivered on time, First Blush team is really nice, the products are cute and all...  UNTIL my fella beauty bloggers and i discovered the 2 Mini O.P.I nail polishes are fake products ! I was really shocked when i found out~!!! (\(>____<)/)

The shock wasn't exactly caused because i wanted to get free original O.P.I nail polishes, i could purchase them anywhere, there are lots of O.P.I stores in the department store, right. I was mostly shocked by the fact this was the First Blush Box's exclusive pre launching edition, means they were just about getting ready to walk into the Beauty Box industry in Indonesia alongside with other big companies as their competitors (Beauty Treats Indonesia, Lola Box, etc.) but how could they have such a poor quality control? :(

I was honestly pretty upset considering the fact they should have tried their hardest to win us over...
I firmly believe in order for services companies to grow, they must first gained trust from their target audiences so that they can develop overtime. 

"Did First Blush Box do this intentionally???"


Don't jump to conclusion just yet!!! Few days after the rumours have spread, their team sent a clarification email !!!

As written on the pic above, it's clear that they ACCIDENTALLY bought the fake mini O.P.I  and felt terrible about it. To express their regret, they apologized and promised to send replacements of the fake products with the original mini O.P.I nail polishes to every beauty bloggers they have sent their boxes to. They also ensure us that they would do quality control so this kind of case shall not happen again in the future.

I personally gave props to them for sending us a clarification email to clear up any misunderstanding! They admitted their wrongdoings, hurriedly apologized and offered a solution by sending the original mini O.P.I nail polishes as replacements. I think it's really professional and nice of them.

The replacement package arrived safely

2 Original mini O.P.I Nail Lacquers 

Overall Conclusion :


First blush beauty box has an exciting design, it's by far the only triangular shaped beauty box i have ever seen in Indonesia. I love the simplicity of the colors, it's bold yet elegant. 

Quality Control

First Blush Box has given their words. Yes it's a shame that the pre-launching edition didn't go as planned but they ensure that all of the products sent from now on will be ORIGINAL. No more poor quality control. They have learned from the unfortunate fake products incident.

Time of Arrival

The box will arrive at your door on the 4th week of the month. If you're not patient enough then this might be a negative point. I do not mind though, it's like getting a present at the end of the month. lol~ 

Does it worth the money?

First Blush Box costs 168.000 IDR / box, considering the products i got for this price i'd say yes, it's a good buy! (if you buy them separately it will cost you way moreee~) BUT please keep in mind that you will get different products each month, next month's box might be as good / even better / worse than this month's.

This box provides 3 kind of subscription plans, for 1 month / 4 months / 12 months. You can choose the plan which suits you best!

If you want to subscribe or want to know more about First Blush Box, just simply visit their official website HERE  (\(^___^)/)

Thank you for visiting, dear readers!
Have a fabulous day!
Take care :D

~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


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    1. coba langganan aja untuk 1 bulan kalo kamu berminat dan ingin coba, dear. hehe :)

  2. Yaampun bisa gitu yah :0
    untungnya mereka sgt bertanggung jawab^^
    Nice post!^^

    1. yes, mereka menurutku sangat responsible kok, jadi no worries. Thank you dear! :)

  3. wooaaa.. emang keliatan banget sih ya OPI-nya fake gtu
    sebenernya sempet tertarik dengan beauty box ini, tapi baru liat beberapa blogger mulai review.

    1. iya, dari packagingnya juga udah rada keliatan sih. iya lagi banyak yg review beauty box ini, masih baru sih soalnya hehe :D