Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Show Your Creative Eye with MAKE OVER Eye Liner" Make-Up Competition!

Howdy dear Nitarts' Make-Up Studio Guests~!
Hope you're doing great! ^___^
Today i wanna share about the 30 minutes (then suddenly announced as 20 minutes) make-up competition i joined in last week on Sunday, September 29th by MAKE OVER! 

The theme of the MAKE OVER competition was "Show Your Creative Eye with MAKE OVER Eye Liner". It took place at Beauty Bazaar Matahari, Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta, Indonesia and was especially held by MAKE OVER for members of IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger) only. I originally planned to prepare myself for this competition by finding inspirations for the concept, colors, etc but unfortunately i couldn't because of a work that needed to be done... GAHHH~ T__T

The competition focused on achieving a creative eye make-up look so all of the contestants were allowed to put on make-up on their faces (except the eye make-up, of course) before the competition started (primer, foundie, powder, blush, highlight, shading, lipstick, etc).

When i arrived at the spot, the competition wasn't started yet so i used the time to take pics with my dear fella beauty bloggers and also thought about what kind of eye make-up i should make for the competition as i looked throughly to the MAKE OVER cosmetics... and A-HA! once i swiped on their pigmented green and white eyeliners i knew those babies were gonna do the trick! trololol~ XD

The contestants were divided into 2 batch, the competition was planned to give 30 minutes for each batch (total time : 60 minutes) BUTTTT they suddenly changed it into 20 minutes only (total time : 40 minutes)!! Whaaaaaaaa~~ (O___O) and shortly, the competition finally began!!!

1st batch (Hanny, Riyanti, Iva, Endi) in action! XD 

The final look!

2nd batch in action! (Me, Jesslyn, Neni, Sha Aulia)

GOSH! 20 minutes went by in a flash! >__< I hurriedly putting on eyeshadows, green and white eyeliners i came across earlier and managed to put on fake lashes in the last 20 seconds or so, lol... it was thrilling yet super FUN~!!! XD

All of the contestants' final look!

*this photo is taken from MAKEOVER's instagram*

Finally, the winners announcement~!!!

1st winner : Sha Aullia
2nd winner : Me (\(^__^)/)
3rd winner : Iva Asih

*Some of the photos above are taken from Sha Aullia's blog under her permission, special thanks for you dear~!!! :)*

Here's my creation for "Show Your Creative Eye with MAKE OVER Eye Liner" competition :

Here are some before-after photos with my fella beauty bloggers :

Me (super round-shaped face! *sigh* T__T... ) and Jesslyn

Me - Neni - Jesslyn

Me - Endi - Hanny

Too bad i didn't manage to snap an "after" pic with Endi because he was already wiping his make-up off the time i took a pic with Hanny!! ;(

With Sha Aullia, the winner!!! Congratulations! (\(^ o ^)/)
I fancy her festive purple fake lashes. She looked awesome, right? 

Hanny (the pretty mom) - Neni (the babyfaced) - Jesslyn (the cute Korean lover) - Me (the Should - Lost - 40 Pounds ASAP... T___T)

Fweegy - Endi - Jesslyn

After the competition has ended, Fweegy, Endi, Jesslyn and i did some make-up shopping, grabbed lunchies and hang around for a while at the mall. I always love beauty events because i can meet up with beauty blogger friends!!!  yayyy~ ^___^

Thanks a ton for visiting dear beauty enthusisasts!
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~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


  1. congrats nit.. keren banget eye makeupnyaa :*

    1. sebenernya berantakan nih karena buru2 huhuhu... tapi thanks a lot rini cantiiiikk! >< *hugs*

  2. Nitaaaa keren bangeeeettt hahahha... xD ilmu menggambar desain dasar diterapkan pada makeup ya LOL

    1. aduh ngakak, baru Sabtu kemarin kita merayakan lulus pake toga tp omongannya udah bawa2 Desdas lg ya, wkwkwk. Gw sentil nih Gab!! XD

  3. ceweeee, wkwkwkkw
    *oke ge komen gaje nih*
    gila berasa naked before afternya :P
    KEREN NIT! lu keren bangetttt ya owohhh
    itu yang foto sendirinya gw tau dimana
    wkwkwk :P
    *thumbs up for you* jempol kaki ikutan ya :P

    1. aaaaaaah makasih banyakkkk Jess! :*
      iyaa setuju bangettt before afternya beda banget yaa, wkwkwk!! HAHA ya tau dong kan eke fotonya di depan kamiu, ihik2 dasar buka rahasia aja~ XD

  4. nitaaaaaa...aku ngakak baca --> Me (the Should - Lost - 40 Pounds ASAP... T___T) ! aaah kamu tuh keren banget nit! aku salut banget bisa rapih bangeeeet gitu adonan matanyaa >.< and you're so prettyyyy nit, love your cute face so much xx

    1. wakakaka! itu kenyataan Shaaaa! X'D mesti diet nihhh udah kegendutan banget soalnya. Makeup km juga rapih tauuu, dasar rendah diri aja nih, haha aduh aku yg pengen ngakak dibilang cute, ntar aja disimpen itu pujian kalo aku udah kurus hehehe... :'D

    2. kamu begini aja cantiiik..apalagi nanti pas kamu jadi kurus..tapi kurus yang segimana? jangan kurus2 banget ah! yang agak seksi semok gituuu pas! semangaaat deh buat acara dietnya ... *__* tapi jgn kurus2 bangett ya pokoknyaa *request-loh*

  5. waaa keren loh say eye makeupnya <3 artistik sekaliiii hihi
    oya aku follower baru, main2 juga yaaa ke and follow me back :D

    1. aaaaaa makasih ya Judith! Thanks a lot for following my blog! :D

  6. congrats nitaaa... bagus eye make up nya :) kereeen

    1. ce muiii makasih banyak yaa! hehe :D maaf baru bales, baru liat komennya huhuhu... ><

  7. omg congratulations!!! you really deserved to win!!!
    your makeup is really creative adn prettyy~~~
    check out my blog maybe please?
    xx Charmaineeee

    1. masih banyak kekurangan due to the short time but i'm flattered~! Thanks a lot, dear Charmaine ^^

  8. Wow, what an interesting post!
    Looking forward for another post from you. ^^

    Anyway, I've been following your blog.
    Mind to follow me back? ^^

    Thank you!