Sunday, September 2, 2012

Been thinkin' to dye ur hair out ?

Hiya dear studio guests !
Have you ever thought of dying your hair ? :D

Never in my life i thought about changing my hair colour... never even once until the previous month ! :O
Out of nowhere i thought it might be a great idea to try a new colour for my hair since mine is black, so i started to plan it out, i had to decide whether i'd get it done at the salon or pick up a DIY hair dye product at some local stores.

After some time, i decided to get it done at home because i don't frequent a salon :( so i'm sort of afraid i wouldn't find the result pleasing. Then, i was confused what brand i should use, i was thorn between liese, a famous japan brand which is loved by manyyyy beauty bloggers, or L'oreal because i could purchase this brand easily here.

Before i could made up my mind, there was this Revlon event which took place in a mall. By buying 3 boxes of their hair dye products, we would get a free service to get our hair colored by their staffs who have done this for some time, so i assumed they must be pretty good in handling this matter... and so i bought 3 boxes of my preferred colour then proceed to the hair dying.
O_O i even surprised myself !!! i had no intention of getting it done that day asdfghjkl;... >__<
just because i was lazy to order liese from online stores, i thought this was a simpler and way quicker way to be a brown-haired girl instead of black. lol

Here's the color i chose, Medium Golden Chesnut Brown

The staff used 2 boxes for my hair because she said that my hair is long and thick *sigh i already cut it off months ago but my hair always grow back pretty fast... T^T
After the process is done, the staff said that the color will pop out 2 weeks later. well, since i knew nothing about hair dye product so i believed her.

* 2 looong weeks later *

My hair color still looked black with a touch of dark brown. What the heck? the color wasn't even near or as vibrant as the box shows ! not even getting a dark brown result.... GOSH I WAS REALLY DISSAPOINTED, moreover like i've told you before... it was my first time !!!
i have read some reviews from beauty bloggers overseas and the are mostly pleased with the results and i saw their hair colors resemble the hair dye boxes' covers. So yeah... i think since the Revlon products in Indonesia are made locally, not abroad, the chemicals are not as authentic anymore... When i asked a friend of mine who often dye her hair, she said "why Revlonnnnnn? the color will not show up!" oh my my... apparently it's not just me eh? :/

Don't get me wrong, i sincerely believe Revlon produces great make up products, BUT not hair related products.

By the way here's the result :

Before :

After :

* sobs... see it for yourself... T___T *

So i suggest you guys if you ever thought about changing your hair color, better get it done at the salon and make sure the salon offers professional services, it might cost you some money but it's wayyyy worth it then getting it done yourself ! and if you want to experiment using DIY hair dye products, i strongly suggest to never ever use Revlon hair dye. i'd go with japanese brands such as liese or palty instead, and of course make sure you order from the right stores which sell authentic japanese products. palty/liese is normally cost US $15 more or less in Indonesia or around 150.000 rupiahs.

Goodluck ! and thank you for reading ! :)


It's been around 3 months after dyed my hair using this product and guess what!?
People started to notice! O___O... GOSH!!!
These days people always ask me "Did u dye ur hair??" and i awkwardly answered "Yea, but it's already 3 months ago..." As crazy as this sounds, the color finally shows up on my hair after three months have passed. Pretty pleased with the color but still, my hair grows. right? so it's weird having brown colored hair but the upper side is black. Still not a rccommended product for me. Save your money for something else, ladies!!


  1. Lol u got duped girl! Yea for coloring it ibest to get it done in a salon esp if it is ur first time because they are professional and have done it everyday. But hey that's ok. It didn't ruin anything for you. It just doesn't show so just wait for 4 more weeks then u can go and have it done professionally. :) btw, i am new too so pls visit my blog and join me :) let's follow each other? Support among bloggers? Thx so much!

  2. yea you're right Rosdiana... </3 guess i'll wait for some time then considering to have it done at a pro salon, thanks for ur advice, btw i've followed ur blog! :D