Sunday, September 16, 2012

Report of Hada Labo Launching Event in Indonesia ! :)

Hello dear Nitartstudio Guests! :D

Today i'll be reporting the official Hada Labo launching event in Indonesia which took place at Poke Sushi, Crowne Plaza Hotel on Wednesday, Sept 12th at 18.00 - 2-.00 PM.

I just found out about the event's details on Wednesday at 16:10 PM when i haven't left the office which i'm doing my internship at! OH GOSHHHH !
i was kind of panicked since the Dress Code was supposed to be Blue and White like Hada Labo's packaging colors, i wore Black-Chocolate shirt instead, i haven't got my attendance confirmed to one of the the event's crew and on top of that... i didn't know the exact location of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, lol ! Actually the gorgeous Mada Foe sent me the invitation on Sept 10th but i haven't got the chance to open my email so i didn't know the invitation was already in my inbox, ah so foolish right ? -__-"

So i called to confirm my attendance and quickly headed there * i asked about 4 diff people to know how should i get there since the time's ticking and i didn't want to be late!! :( *

I arrived safely to the venue at 18:03-18:05 PM i guess, then i was kinda suprised because there were still plenty of empty seats, haha i ran for nothing T.T ...
i introduced myself to some bloggers and made new friends like... in minutes? lol they were all nice and we sure have something in common, our interest in beauty united us XD

The crew kindly served us with some delicious sushi from Poke Sushi ! I AM A SUCKER FOR JAPANESE FOODS so yeah i was really excited! :9

OH MY MY WHAT HAVE I DONE, why in the world i uploaded the food pics duh... -___-"
sorry my bad !

At the event, there were Mr. Mukdaya, President Director of Rotho Lab Indonesia, Mr. Tsunetsugu Shuici, Research and Development Manager of Hada Labo Japan, and Mr. Furuya Akiyoshi as well. The MC referred Mr. Tsunetsugu as Tsune-San so i'm gonna use that nick too to make it shorter, btw Tsune-San is such a friendly person! He's really bright yet lovable T^T aaaa what a deadly combination... i was his instant fan! hahaha

* Tsune-San from distance, sorry my cellphone sucks in taking pic and i didn't bring my cam :'( *

*Tsune-San doing a live demo*

just in case you've been wondering what Hada Labo is, it stands for the lifestyle philosophy of “PERFECT x SIMPLE” a japanese skincare range that brings beauty back to the basics – perfect, simple and confident. This brand is really FAMOUS in Japan, but only since 2-3 months ago Hada Labo can be found here in Indonesia, say goodbye to the pricey Japanese Hada Labo products yayyy~! Indonesia makes it locally under official Japan license, so it's really safe and also way cheaperrrr!!! ;)

The ingredients are Super Hyaluronic Acid, AHA+BHA, Arbutin, Retinol vitamin A. Hada Labo doesn't use harmful chemicals and doesn't add any useless ingredients for your skin benefit so it's free of fragrance , colorant, mineral oil, alcohol, and it's completely safe for sensitive skin! *love love*

There are threee lines of Hada Labo products :

1. Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing (White packaging)
2. Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening (Blue packaging)
3. Gokujyun Alpha Ultimate Anti Aging (Red packaging)

The thing she's holding is some kind of moisture measurement device, it's really precise! it detects your moisture level really fast, after getting a certain number of dryness measurement level, she'd use the Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing then test your dryness level again to prove that Hada Labo product really worked magically because your skin'd be moisturized in just seconds! * wow! *:D

Now here's a photo of me and some amazing fella bloggers i met that day! I didn't get the chance to take pics with all of em but i guess this will do, right? :)

Mada Foe, Melissa, Cynthia, Me :P, Safira

Pics of the Goodie bag i received from the launching event :)

Thanks a lot to ROHTO Pharmaceutical company for supervising Hada Labo products, i think the event went well too ! so i shall give em many credits! *love love*

I personally haven't tried any of the lines i mentioned above, but i surely have heard loadsss of positive reviews from beauty bloggers! so i'll sure try Hada Labo series soon since i love the concept! How about you? Have you tried this brand yet? :D


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