Monday, July 30, 2012

My submission for the "Amazing Revlon Challenge"

Hello dear studio guests, i welcome you to Nitarts' Make Up Studio ! :D

so, this is my very first post, i've just made this blog on July 10th, and 20 days later, after taking care of the themes, and blah blah blah while taking care of my real life activity, here i am, writing my first post ! i'm really excited and passionate about this blog, since this is my first beauty blog ever.

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ok, right now i'm about to tell my experience in joining Revlon Indonesia make up competition called "Amazing Revlon Challenge" they're naming it after "The Amazing Spiderman" because Emma Stone, the lead actress in the movie is Revlon's ambassador so Revlon Indonesia made this competition for promotion purpose, the competition wasn't a big one, people who were interested to be contestants were asked to upload their creations of the amazing spiderman make up look using all or just some of Revlon products then upload it to Revlon Indonesia facebook page. i decided to join and uploaded my creation.

Here's my submission for the competition !

*click on the image to make it larger*

lol i'm sorry if the pic above scared you a bit, it wasn't an everyday make up look of course, it's The Amazing Spiderman !

I only used two Revlon products as you can see in the picture, the bright red nail polish and Revlon Colorstay Make Up with SoftFlex SPF 6 for combination / oily skin in 220 Medium Beige. The rest are from various brands.

In short ... i won ! >__<
Revlon generously picked not 1 or 3 winners but 25 ! yes, 25 winners, what a number eh ? but considering all of the submissions they received, 25 might be not that much, really... and the fact i was one of the 25, made me happy. yaayyyyy~
This is my very first win in make up competition after losing in 2 competitions! :'D

The prizes were 2 tickets to watch "The Amazing Spiderman in 3D" at IMAX, Gandaria City. IMAX is no ordinary movie theatre, it's an a-mayyy-zing one ! IMAX use the latest technology so yeah, everything's like twice - thrice better there compared to regular movie theatres.

i also received a goodie bag contains a make up pouch, The Amazing Spiderman poster, Revlon discount coupons, and a product from Revlon Indonesia Photoready collection.

Me and my friends had fun, thank you Revlon Indonesia.

All in all, i'll try to win more make up competitions from now on since i'm still learning in this field, hope i'll enchance my skills real quick, wish me luck ! :)

Thanks a bunch for reading my first post, hope i don't suck so bad ! lol
if you're feeling my post is lack of some things or whatever, please kindly inform me, i'll really appreciate your suggestions :)

Take care, make up enthusiasts !


  1. omygod that's as amazing as "Amazing Spiderman", dear! >'< great job you won this! :D
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  3. hahaha, makasih & masama dear.. ayo, banyakin lagi kreasi-kreasinya.. :D

  4. aaah ~ a very creative look indeed ^^

  5. keren hasilnya sis :)

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