Friday, October 10, 2014

Pond's White Beauty Journey " Kisah 25 tahun Pond's & Kamu Event Report!

Hello Dear Nitartstudio Guests~!
How are you doing?
I'm back with an event report!

Did you know that Pond's has been around since 1846?
Well... i didn't!
i found out when i attended the latest Pond's event at Mulia Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia :
"Pond's White Beauty Journey Kisah 25 tahun Pond's & Kamu"

The MC

The event first started by the MC warmly welcoming fellow media partners and bloggers

Bloggers and Media

It's a full house! >___<

Senior Brand Manager POND'S
Mrs. Anggiaswari Odang (Riri)

She told us that based on the survey they did, apparently 93% of Indonesian women realised that they differ in terms of beauty one to another and they're actually proud to be a part of that diversity

 Maudy Ayunda (Pond's brand ambassador), Mrs. Riri, Mrs. Endang, Mrs. Lilik

Each of the beautiful ladies on stage shared a lot of things related to Pond's, while Mrs. Riri was focusing on the brand knowledge, history and such, Maudy Ayunda on the other hand shared about her experience when she first tried Pond's facial foam years ago

Here comes the interesting part!
 All of the sudden, we were asked to make a scrapbook using a lot of decorations provided
(ribbons, flowers, origami papers, markers, etc.)
 the theme was "25th anniversary of Pond's and You
It was a competition between groups (1 table = 1 group)

My table's scrapbook creation~! XD

Each team had to do brief explanation about their own scrapbook in front of all of the guests

Maudy Ayunda picked a fashion blogger as the best dress

 Maudy Ayunda, Mrs. Riri, Mrs. Endang, Mrs. Lilik


With the sweet Maudy Ayunda

Selfie with my beauty blogger friend who's so into Gyaru style, pretty and fun Misa Lee!

...and that's a wrap!

Don't forget to join Pond's competition "Kisah 25 tahun Pond's & Kamu" by showing your Indonesian beauty diversity and send in a picture/video along with your beauty journey with Pond's HERE and win a trip to BELITUNG!!!


For futher info about this competition you can read the detailed terms and condition HERE

Don't miss it out and see you on my next post~!


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