Friday, July 11, 2014

Review : Honey Chocolate Milk Bar Soap by Moporie!

Hola Nitartstudio Guests~!
i'm back again with another handmade soap bar review~
(been reviewing them a lot lately, eh? hope you're still excited like ever!)

Who loves Chocolate?

i know most girls do!!! (including me)
oh well... then you better check this product out~
It's Honey Chocolate Milk soap!

The name makes me want to have a glass of chocolate mlikshake :9

Ingredients :

Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Custor Oil, Chocolate Milk, Honey, Glycerin, Fragrance

Scent :

the scent of Honey is overpowered by the chocolate, however i still can smell a hint of Honey.

Price :

IDR 30.000 (around $3)

Signature Honey pattern on top

Performance :

This is the SMOOTHEST one compared to other variants i've tried

Moisturizing level :

Good. Not drying at all~ :D

Side Effects :

Doesn't trigger anything bad, makes your skin feel smoother instead. lol~ 

Recomended For :

Those who are into sweet scents, especially CHOCOLATE because this product really smells like chocolate milk. Those who would love to try the sensation of bathing with REAL chocolate milk.

(yup! it's actually one of the ingredients!!!)

Do Not Recommended For :

Those who don't enjoy the scent of Chocolate Milk could probably hate this product because the scent is so vivid. *_____*

Pros :

+ Very Smooth
+ Delicious smell
+ Moisturizing
+ No harsh chemicals / preservatives

Cons :

- Cost more
- Doesn't last as long as commercial bars

Conclusion :

Smooth bathing experience from a bar soap and smells delicious, this product is worth to try, especially for Chocolate lovers! :D

You can get this particular product at MOPORIE :

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~Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)

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  1. Awalnya aku kira itu keju. Ada kan di film-film kartun, ada keju yang bolong-bolong gitu. Eeeh setelah baca review darimu ternyata itu adalah sabun..
    Hmm jadi pengen cobain deh sabunnya.hehehe