Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beautiful Tips during Ramadhan with BB Cream!

Howdy, Ladies!
Happy fasting to all my Muslim friends~!!! (^_____^)/) 

Taking care of your skin to stay beautiful throughout Ramadan can be a challenge or a concern for beauty enthusiasts. The ridiculous Jakarta heat and fasting may lead you to think that your skin could look dull because your body loses vitamins and minerals.

Based on that concern, i will share some tips to stay beautiful during Ramadan!! :D

1. Don’t skip suhoor

    Prophet Muhammad salallaho alayhi wasalaam said, “Take (the meal of) suhoor because there is blessing in it.” (Bukhari) Knowing the immense reward and that good deeds are multiplied during this month, how could you miss out on something that not only will be a source of barakah but will help sustain you and provide you energy throughout the day. Make sure you have the right nutrients and balanced meal so you can stay positively radiant all through this blessed season of goodness.

2. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Fasting for long hours along with the hot weather and lack of fluids, might lead to skin damage and dryness, so don't forget to keep your skin hydrated during this season.

Examples :

- Drink not less than 8 cups of water (or more if possible). Other fluids work as well, whether the traditional Ramadan drinks or even a cup of green tea. They can do magic as well as rejuvenate your skin!

- Break your fast with foods/drinks with high hydrating agents such as Aloe Vera juice, Coconut Water (great options that have natural sugars and are super hydrating.)

3. Control your Caffeine and Soda intake

Limit your intake of caffeine in terms of soda and coffee, as they can easily absorb minerals and fluids from your body, which will leave your skin dry. 

4. Control your Sugar intake

It’s quite common to have an irregular sweet tooth during Ramadan, but try to avoid eating too much sugar. Refined sugar, which is in most sweets, is bad for you. Not only does it affect your immune system, but it causes skin inflammation.

5. Be Careful of Dairy Products!

If your skin is sensitive to dairy products, avoid drinking lots of milk because it can enhance pimples and acne. 

6. Sleep Well

When it comes to Ramadan, sleep cycle all over again is a very significant thing. If your sleep cycle is disrupted and you are not giving your body the precise amount of rest and sleep which it needs, this will become a cause for skin problems in the holy month of Ramadan.

7. BB Cream

BB refers to Beauty or Blemish Balm, a multi-functional cream that has both make-up and skincare properties.

Garnier BB cream is an all-in-one moisturiser combining skincare with mineral pigments to even skin tone, illuminate, cover imperfections, with 24Hr hydration and SPF protection. A natural look in just one step, just you at your best~!!! :D

That's it, ladies!
Pretty easy, right?
Hope the tips are useful to you and HAPPY FASTING!!!
See you soon dear beauty enthusiasts~

~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


  1. Refined sugar can cause skin inflammation ?
    oh really ?
    just know about that !!
    thank you for the info


    1. You're welcome dear Cintami Andoko :D
      tapi itu tergantung, kembali lagi ke diri masing2 toleransi levelnya gimana, dll, dll... hehe.

      Kalo aku pribadi sih belum pernah kena inflamasi krn refined sugar... XD