Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review : Double Mint Tea Bar Soap by Moporie!

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I'm back with another review of handmade bar soap variant
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YUP! it's Double Mint Tea handmade bar soap review
Let's see the packaging of the product

Logo and variant name on the front side

Ingredients list on the back

This is how it looked like after i've removed the see-through plastic packaging



Pretty-shaped with some sprinkles~ :3


Price :

IDR 30.000 (around $3)

Ingredients :

Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Custor Oil, Water, Green Tea, Glycerin, Fragrance, Colorants, Silk

Scent :

Slightly scented, i could hardly smell anything. If i had both of my eyes closed, it'd take me forever to guess it's Mint. I prefer more vivid scent when it comes to body soap so this is definitely not my favorite. However, i asked Rie (Moporie's owner) why this variant doesn't have a vivid scent like the others and it turned out the ones with less fragrance like this particular one are for people with sensitive skin. The other soap bars she made are already suitable for sensitive skin but i guess this one is for those with really, really sensitive skin.

Performance :

Lathers so easily and glides on fine.

Moisturizing level :

The same level with the Blackberry & Raspberry bar which i have reviewed previously. It's OK, not crazy moisturizing but not as drying as most of the commercial bar ones.

Side Effects :

None, doesn't trigger anything bad to my skin.

Recomended For :

Those with extra sensitive skin but still want to experience enjoyable and fun bath time everyday with skin-friendly product without harsh chemicals included~ :D

Do Not Recommended For :

Those who enjoy vivid scent soap bar because of its faint scent.

Pros :

+ No harsh chemicals / preservatives
+ Skin-friendly (can be used for those with EXTRA sensitive skin)
+ Lathers easily
+ Pretty moisturizing compared to commercial bars

Cons :

- Cost more
- Doesn't last as long as commercial bars
- Faint scent

Conclusion :

For those with extra sensitive skin, you can put this into consideration, it's safe, moisturizing, fun and sooo pretty! ^___^

You can get this particular product at MOPORIE :

If you missed out my blogpost about the difference between commercial bar soap with the handmade ones and would love to read the Blackberry & Raspberry Bar soap review please click HERE.

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  1. selalu ngecesss lihat sabun ini nit >_<

  2. aduh warnanyaa :3 kirain td ini ada green tea nya nit *ngarep ada sabun yg green tea*

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  3. lucunyaa
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