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Getting Rid of the Unwanted Hair Professionally at ZAP

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Today, i'm about to review a place which offers pro hair removal treatment! :D

Ladies, do you have unwanted hair in certain parts of your body that you want to get rid of for the sake of your appearance? if so, yeah, me too! T___T Some people do not have this body hair problem at all but most of us (including me), have body hair in parts we do not desire, for example : underarms hair, legs hair, and so on, you name it. We have to continuosly getting rid of it, which is so time consuming and not practical, we'd be very pleased if the unwanted hair could be gone forever for good. Right? lol

Although there are lotsa people who go to a professional places to get rid of their unwanted hair, i think there are even more many people, especially ladies, who are shy to go to places like this. There are many factors, but the most common reason is they don't want to show their underarm hair/leg hair to anyone out of shyness. I know right! that's pretty much embarassing.

Because of the same reason, i was hesitated at first about going for underarm hair removal treatment to a place which offers professional hair removal treatment called ZAP, located at Walter Mongonsidi, South Jakarta branch. My house is in North Jakarta so yeah it's really far... T__T i really hoped ZAP service wouldn't be a dissapointment after spending some time to get there.

What is ZAP?

ZAP started its business with hair removal technology that has been very popular in Singapore, Australia and other countries. ZAP uses the most advanced technology in today's world market for removing unwanted hair quickly, safely, and pain-free. ZAP only uses technology that has passed Quality Inspection and has international recognized certificate (USA FDA and or CE approved)

*Pic is taken from Letvia's blog*

ZAP has range of treatments, not only hair removal treatment, but also Photo facial, Pore & wrinkle reduction treatment

1st floor interior (waiting room) - Left side
I was relieved to see the waiting room is pretty spacious and comfy! :D

1st floor interior (waiting room)  - Right side

 A big flatscreen TV, that's a plus!

 There's also the ZAP cafe with various menu provided
*All of the staff didn't want to be photographed so they were jokingly hiding behind the table lol* XD

 I fancy all kind of green tea drinks and have tasted many green tea smoothies from the cheapo-pricey ones and the ZAP cafe's Green Tea Smoothies is unexpectedly really gewd!!! >__< *love love*

2nd floor interior - registration desk

2nd floor interior - waiting room

Treatment room - there's Dr. Endi Novianto, SpKK as ZAP medical consultant, so they really know what they're doing, it's totally a plus

I honestly some kind of observing the treatment room, and it's so hygienic *phew!* no worries ladies! :)

To my surprise, each of the treatment room has a TV planted on the wall above, so you can watch while having your treatment because it's right above your head! How cool is that?

another treatment room which i did my treatment in

The staff who did my treatment is really nice! She didn't even know i was doing sponsored treatment and taking pics for blogging purpose BUT she answered all of my questions nicely. Once i did a make over from a high-end cosmetics not saying i'm a beauty blogger and the service was horrible.

Steps for underarm treatment :

1. Changed my outfit to their provided cloth
2. Layed down on the bed with my arm lifted up
2. The staff cleaned the underarm area with alcohol
3. She removed the underarm hair by using a NEW razor blade
4. Applied blue cold gel in the area
5. Using the laser machice in the area afterwards (there's a bit of stingy sensation, the staff has explained beforehand about this thing so the sting didn't surprise me lol)

The machine
6. DONE!

The treatment only took about 10 minutes! Super fast, i personally like it :)


*gyaaaa~ ( >//////< )*

For the permanent hair removal, it usually takes about 5 to 8 treatment. I've only done it once.

There are 5 branches of ZAP in Indonesia, for more information about the locations, range of treatments and price list, you can easily see it on their official website HERE

Notes :

* It's best not to shave your underarm for more or less 12 hours before getting the treatment
* Do not apply water/deodorant for more or less 8 hours after getting the treatment



+ Comfortable waiting room and treatment room
+ Friendly staff
+ Affordable price
+ ZAP cafe (The Green Tea Smoothies is love! lol)
+ Hygienic
+ FAST treatment
+ The hair grows super slow afterwards

- Far from my house ( oh whyyyy  )

All in all i'm satisfied with the treatment at ZAP, thank you Mba Niken for having me! :)

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~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


  1. Sakit donk nita? xp
    jd inget ke salon ii g...skit ilang hahaha xD

    anyway great review :D

  2. sakit di bagian yg mana dulu nih maksudnya? hahah
    pas d shave ga sakit, kalo pas di laser menyengat sedikit doang, tetep ga sakit kok... huehehe, layak dicoba sih menurut g, cepet n ga ribet XD

    thank you for stopping by~!! :)

  3. brapa duit nih say ? pengen nyoba tp blm sempet >.<

    1. Nita Desilia TannawiMarch 16, 2013 at 3:21 PM
      Cobain aja dear, worth it kalo menurut aku result nya, service nya juga memuaskan, hehe. Sebaiknya sebelum km treatment, bikin janji dulu ya, apalagi hari Sabtu/Minggu, aku takutnya penuh soalnya >__< . Untuk harga treatment underarm nya 250 ribu, price list lengkapnya bisa kamu cek disini ya Yang underarm 250 ribu dear ^___^ untuk price list lengkapnya kamu bisa liat disini