Thursday, February 21, 2013

D'Eyeko "Beauty in Her Eyes" Competition!

Hello Dear Nitarts' Make-Up Studio Guest ! :D
Phew, i'm finally back with a new post regardless of how things have been going...
Anyway, we're only 8 days away from March, oh wow.
(Jeez. Excuse me, i just can't stop whining about how fast time has been these days!!! >__<)

Despite of having some things to be done, i managed to join D'EYEKO Photography Competition called "Beauty in Her Eyes" because i love competition, especially regarding Art/Beauty lol. I bet most of you dear readers have already known what is D'Eyeko, yes it's a brand which sells premium eyelashes.

The brand claims :

1. Made from 100% sterilized natural hair.
2. Easy application, lightweight, comfortable.
3. Natural looking result, just like the real eyelashes.
4. Can be used several times.
5. Safe for contact lens user.
6. 100% handmade.

Sounds really good, eh? i'll review the eyelashes later though because today's post is about the competition. First thing first, the registration fee is 200.000 rupiahs (around US $20) !! ok it might sounds like nothing to you, but as for me, it's the most expensive regis fee i paid by far for joining a competition x___x ... They sent me 4 pairs of eyelashes though, so it's even.

I had to submit 4 photos for the competition :

1. Model - "Before" look.
2. Model - "After 1" look.
3. Model - "After 2" look.
4. Photographer.

The main consent of "Beauty in Her Eyes" competition is to bring out the beauty of your model through her eyelashes in the "After" photo, the model's eyes have to be expressive.

Here are my submission!!

1. Model - "Before" look.

2. Model - "After 1" look.

3. Model - "After 2" look.

4. Photographer.
(yes, you remember it right, this photo is from my previous post about the Valentine's day look, idk which photo of mine i should sent so i went with my latest. trololol~)

Close up!!! :)

Let's get real now, there's no wayyyyy i could win this competition after seeing the rest of the competitors!!! They took it seriously, with studio lightings and such, unlike me *cough* (yea that's a bit upsetting, i thought the competition was just for fun, if i knew most of the contestants are semi-pro/pro, i wouldn't have participated in the first place, lol 8D).

Still, it'd be humiliating if i end up with less than 50 votes and others would be hundreds and even thousands! So, please kindly vote mine by clicking HERE and hit the like button! Tons of thanks!
*free hugs and kisses!*

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~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


  1. aduh rini cepat sekali kamu wkwk XD
    makasih banyak yaa!!! :*

  2. done vote for you, nit! good luck! jangan kecil hati duluuu, yakin bisaa :)