Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Make-Up Birthday plus Beauty Products Christmas Swap!

Hello Dear Nitarts' Make-Up studio Guests! 
Guess what? i've just found out that i haven't made a post about the "xmas swap" event hosted by our dearest member of Indonesian Beauty Blogger community, Shasha, last December!


Last Dec. i told Shasha and my swap partner, Sharon, that i'd open the package on Dec 24th, my birthday... then BOOM! i forgot to make the post, awful! i sincerely apologize... :(
So, this post is about my somewhat-becoming-beauty-theme-birthday-mini-party and the xmas swap itself.


This is gonna be a LONG POST and there'll be no beauty knowledge, just beauty product gifts, me and my completely bare face, my bestfriends, beauty blogger friends -------- if you're not interested, then feel free to close this tab BUT if you have some spare time/bored/curious then this post is suitable for you ^_____^

* Back to Dec 24th :

My family was the first to say happy birthday, first thing in the morning. Hours later, in the afternoon, there was nobody else in the house, just me and the maid. I had a bad stomach ache, so i couldn't focus or did anything much, i was just resting in my parents' bedroom... basically spending my birthday being miserable laying on my parents' bed, looked like a hot mess and thought "ahhh... what a crappy birthday i'm having this year" i was pretty upset... T__T oh OK, i was upset.

but then, i heard noises... idk what's going on outside the room so i opened the door and.... saw some of my bestfriends being shocked after seeing me!!! *oh puh-lease guys, i must be the one who was surprised the most (=___=")* they're making a fuss why on earth i came out of nowhere so they asked me to pretend nothing's happened yet, closed the door, and put on a shocked face while i re-opened the door, TSK and so i did *yes, this takes stupidity to a whole new level, i know! >_<* 
They came into my parents bedroom and asked me to blew the candles on the cake.

You can see my bare face and messy hair, even messier after rolling on the bed back and forth. 

Then, i instructed them to move upstairs to my own bedroom because who knows what could happen to my parents' with the demons *cough* my bestfriends inside, i bet it's not gonna be pretty!!!
i immediately told them i'm having a bad stomach ache as i sat on my bed hugging the pillow, still, they forced me to hurriedly cut the cake and insisted to take a pic while i was cutting it. GRAAA how inconsiderate!! *sigh~ i know my bestfriends best -____- and didn't expect any considerations though*

the cake has a Christmas log shape :3

forced a smile bc they're taking a pic lol

Moments later, my parents were home and ordered some food to feed my bestfriends *their stomachs are like blackholes, horrifying appetite! they like good foods better than $$$$$$$$$ lol* 

Too bad not all of my bestfriends could come, so they're only 4 of them and i considered this number is actually a big one! we're experiencing troubles matching the time to gather in a place with complete members, so we're usually meet up in small numbers like 2-3 persons only. Ahhh by the way i super miss my bestfriends who further their studies abroad... T__T we can only meet up like once or twice every 2 years... so it's impossible for us to meet in person when we're having our birthdays. Luckily, true friendship never rots. Anyway! back to the topic lol... insanity took off as 5 of us spent hours doing lunatic talks, all of 'em was as comfy as if they're at their own home and turned my bedroom into a-somewhat-not-a-decent-place-to-live in just a blink of an eye... TSK =___= *in the mean time, my stomach was gradually getting better and better! thanks G*

After the pain's completely gone, we decided to take pics...

i knew it's gonna be CHALLENGING. I KNEW IT.


Afterwards, i told them about the "xmas swap" event, grabbed the package i received from my swap partner as i was getting ready to be surprised by what kind of beauty products she chose for me!

Here's what it looked like at first, i opened it... ANDDDDD...


There were lotsa handmade stars pouring from the bag!!!! WHOAAA~~~ O_____O i thought the contains were going to be beauty products and a letter only!! i remember telling my bffs how totally unexpected it was! lol totally bring back my junior high school memories, the time when the handmade stars was really popular, we made it during classes upon the thought of if we made many of em, our wish could come true. LMAO how silly of us.

Here are the things that i received :

1. A long letter (i also wrote her a long letter and a special drawing for her birthday)
2. Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti-Oxidant Berry
3. ETUDE Aloha Mascara Remover
4. ETUDE Wonder Pore After Sun Special Set
5. A mirror
6. Red-A Eyeshadow
7. Advisor Hair Recovery by Makarizo

This was a gift with a strong sense of humor, i literally lol'ed in front of my bffs! There are notes sticked on each of the products, all of em sounds hilarious and cheesy!!!! XD

This was the cheesiest note IMO. HAHA

My favorite! A mirror with an unique pattern. If i press the button below, it'd be opened automatically.

The dissapointment : broken eyeshadow... T_______T </3

My bffs told me to open their gift since the first minute they got in my room, they're telling me over and over and overrrrrr again to open the bulky, heavy, yet nicely wrapped gift but i didn't listen. lol

i had no idea what's inside, but it's definitely heavy!

In the end, i ended up unwrapping their gift like 5 minutes before they left hahaha.

moment of truth! *drum rolls*

What is it ... ??



Sorry for using the capitals... but seriously, this gift is beyond my expectation... T_____T *sobs*
in 2012, i had been searching for a train case which i think suits my style best, i went to many sogo/seibu/masami shouko/whatever and everytime i'd be looking for the right one until finally i found one of the Masami Shouko's which i kind of liked but the price wasn't right for me so i didn't purchase it... and all of a sudden they gave me this huge train case on my birthday...
i was in total shock. One of my bffs recorded the moment when i unwrapped the gift. In the video, i literally froze for a second while my mouth was opened wide when i figured out what was inside! I was really... touched.

There's also this sweet letter at the bottom level of the train case... T_____T
For me, it's honestly not about the money they spent to purchase me this train case, it's about the warm compassion and intention, by giving this train case, they support and wish me to go far in Make-Up...
There's a lot of things went on in 2012, i was torn between becoming a Professional Make-Up Artist or Illustrator in the near future because i'll graduate in 2013 and there's a real world awaiting.

This gift means a lot for me beyond its price. 

If they didn't pay me a visit on my birthday, i'm sure i'll always remember of how pathetic it was. 

 A few days later, my another bff gave me this peeling, i've never had a peeling for body, so this is my first, another gift with care. Some of my friends also promised to give my birthday gifts later, i'm waiting patiently. trolololol~

Thank you guys... <3

The next day was Chritmas, my family had this mouth-watering cake for the celebration. Ahhhh superb family and friends... T__T

Thank you loads for reading this SUPER LONG post dear beauty enthusiasts!
I have a lot to learn, i'm still on my way on becoming a decent beauty blogger
Thanks for the advices and all of the supports in 2012.
2012 was one of the best years i've ever had... :)

Thats it for today, take care dear! :D

~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


    baiknya your bffs kasi train-case >.<
    jadinya ga jd beli masami yg waktu itu liat yak?
    kangeeeenn dirimuu :(

  2. iya, aku jg ga nyangka dkasih ini... T__T Jesssss, km inget aja sama train case yg itu, ahaha yg aku tulis aku suka diatas itu bener loh si masami yg waktu itu! >_< aku juga kangennnnn ayuk kapan lg dong kita kumpul bareng2 yg lain... :((((

  3. woa eyeshadownya ancur sayang ya~ lain kali kalau kita swap lagi aku kirim lagi deh ^^

  4. iya sharoooon, sayang banget hiks... T___T tp untunglah yg lain aman semua kok.. hehe. thanks a lot dear partner! <3 xoxo

  5. senangnyaa di surpris-in..hehe..kadonya bagus2 deh...=)

  6. iyaa ce Nancy >,< aku jrg banget dikasih surprise karena birthday nya pas Christmas Eve... :(
    jadi senang sekali, hehehe, thanks a lot for visiting dear!! *hugs*