Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Millions of Bacteria and Germs in Our Hands!

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So... this post is a bit different than my usual beauty posts, if you're not interested in knowing a brief knowledge of bacteria and germs in our hands and how it affects our habit in beauty stuff related, you might want to skip reading this post.
*oh well, i hope not!* ^__^"

I felt the importance to make this post because as beauty enthusiasts/beauty bloggers, many of us surely have hella lot of beauty products like makeup/skincare, right? and some of their packagings come in jar or something that are easily exposed to heat/air and you have to get your products by using your fingers/hands which is not a great thing since the palms of our hands are populated with millions of bacteria!

Packaging examples :

1. Skincare Jar (face cream, Mask, etc)
2. Lip Products
3. Cream Blush
and so many more.

and guess what, dear readers? the fact is... Bacteria double their number every twenty minutes!!! >__<" Germs and bacteria are everywhere, and yes, it's impossible not to pick them up. I can't imagine willingly putting millions of bacteria and germs onto my face when i'm applying my beauty products just because i'm too lazy to wash my hands beforehand or wash my hands improperly.

* oh the horror! O___o *

If you always wash your hands before applying your beauty products and now thinking "oh, well. I always make sure my hands are clean before i apply products, so this post means nothing for me." think again, dear! The most effective and easiest solution is hand washing, yes you got that right BUT do you really wash your hands properly? because most of people i know don't, including myself!!!

According to Dr. Philip Tierno, author of :

"The Secret Life of Germs: What They Are, Why We Need Them, and How We Can Protect Ourselves Against Them."

It takes 20 seconds to appropriately wash your hands -- getting in between your fingers, getting on top of your knuckles, getting under your nail bed with at least one swoop each time with a lot of soap on, and then rinsing. The Centers for Disease Control recommend singing "Happy Birthday" twice through for an effective wash.

Here's an illustration guide steps of how to wash your hands properly to makes things easier to digest :

Truth is, i don't even wash my hands for 10 seconds... as long i use soap and rinse it, i feel my hands are clean enough. OH MY, gotta do it properly next time... it means all of this time i'm unconciously put millions of bacteria and germs to my face. *HOW FRUSTATING...</3*
and the germs and bacteria left in the products inside of the packaging might have affected the ingredients in such a bad way. Of course i'm not a health expert/doctor but hey, who knows? *please kindly CMIIW*

i do feel bad to my currently pretty poor skin condition because i, myself, more or less might have contributed/caused it due to lack of knowledge in hands hygiene factor. I bet i'm not the only one who doesn't wash my hands properly before applying beauty products... so yeah, i suggest you, dear readers, who apply your beauty products with hands/fingers (direct touch) to your skin surface, especially face, have to change our improper hand washing habit ASAP... Yeah it won't be easy to change our habit, but at least it's gonna be worth it!!! >__<

Thank you for spending your time reading this, hopefully this post would broaden your knowledge about how important it is to properly clean your hands before applying beauty products onto your face! :)

i do not own the photos, the photos used above are taken from these sources :

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Until then, take care! :D
~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


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