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Review : Blackberry & Raspberry Handmade Bar Soap by Moporie!

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Have you ever tried a handmade bar soap before? Nope?
oh well... beware! you probably would want to after reading this post! :P

When i was a kid, i always used drugstore-commercial bar soap/commercial liquid soap (Zwitsal/Johnson's/Dettol/Lux/etc.) which you can afford easily at your nearest drugstore/convience store anytime. Some time later when i became a beauty blogger, i'm more aware of beauty products so i stopped using drugstore soaps and tried various brands (Kiehl's/The Body Shop/L'occitane/etc.). They do have better qualities, give better results and sensations to the skin as well (of course they have to! remembering they cost way more than the drugstore ones...^^")

The thing is, i don't like spending much for soaps, i prefer to spend more on makeup/skincare... then handmade bar soap comes into the rescue, it's definitely one of some available options to keep your skin healthy without ripping off your pocket, i'm gonna tell you why!

Why doesn't most of Commercial Drugstore Soap Bar good?

According to the infos i've gathered, most commercially produced bars contain synthetic lathering agents, artificial colors, and a slew of chemicals we can't even pronounce.

Much commercial soap is made using the cold process method.  However, instead of pouring the liquid into molds once it thickens, they add salt to the mixture.  The salt causes the liquid to curdle.  The curdled soap floats to the top and is skimmed off the liquid to put into molds.  The remaining liquid is mainly glycerin which is distilled and sold to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies to make a profit.

By removing the glycerin from the soap, the bar soap is more like a detergent.  A detergent is a surfactant that helps water and oil to combine instead of separating.  This allows a surface to be cleaned with water even if the surface contains oil.  Skin contains oil which is removed when a detergent is used.  Therefore, commercial bar soap dries out the skin because it remove the skins natural oils that provide the body protection from weather, viruses, bacteria and other disease causing substances.

In order for commercial bar soap to provide more moisturizing than drying to the skin, other ingredients need to be added to the soap like lotion and cream.  Many commercial soap ads say “it won’t dry your skin” because they added moisturizers.  These additives also contain many harsh chemicals and chemical preservatives.

In conclusion, MOST of the manufacturers have removed a lot of the 'good stuff' that occurs in the soap making process, and replaced it with synthetic lathering agents and harsh chemicals. These plentiful detergent bars are bad for our skin.

What makes Handmade Bar Soap better than Commercial Ones?

When the soap bars are made from scratch, the glycerin remains in the soap, and the artisan can choose to add natural or artificial fats, oils, fragrances and colors to the final product. While the handmade soap may not last as long as the commercial soap, it doesn’t contain as many chemical preservatives or other harsh chemicals. These soap bars generally cost more than the detergent bars you'll find at drugstores but the difference is these soap bars are actually better for your skin.

Ok, let's moving on to the Blackberry & Raspberry Handmade Bar Soap~ (\(^_____^)/)

There's some amount of glitter on the top

The dreamy color and abstract-but-artistic pattern are pretty! *love love*

At first, i had some concerns regarding this product though...

What if this handmade soap performs no different than commercial soap bar?

What if this soap is as drying as commercial soap bar?

Price :

IDR 40.000 (around $4)

Ingredients :

Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Custor Oil, Water, Glycerin, Fragrance, Colorants, Silk

Scent :

Lives up to its name, it smells really Berry-ish (which i personally like). The scent isn't as subtle as i thought it'd be.

Performance :

I thought it'd be needing some effort to lather this soap up but no, it actually lathers easily and glides on fine.

Moisturizing level :

OK. Not crazy moisturizing but not as drying as most of the commercial bar ones.

Side Effects :

As for me, it doesn't trigger anything bad to my skin~ :)

Recomended For :

Those who choose quality over quantity. Those with sensitive skin. Those who are looking for more natural and skin-friendly soap bars without harsh chemicals included.

Do Not Recommended For :

Those who don't want to spend a bit more on soap bars and already feel satisfied using the commercial soap bars.

Pros :

+ No harsh chemicals / preservatives
+ Skin-friendly (can be used for those with sensitive skin)
+ Lathers easily
+ Smells good
+ Pretty moisturizing compared to commercial bars

Cons :

- Cost more
- Doesn't last as long as commercial bars

Conclusion :

All in all, i think this product worth a try for its price because it performs better than commercial bar ones. You might want to consider getting it~ :D

You can get this particular product at MOPORIE :

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