Friday, May 9, 2014

Gyunyu Shizen Gokochi Facial Cleansing Bar Soap in Green Tea by Cow Brand Review!

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i'm back with a skincare review~ :)
Do you love green tea? if yes, then you shouldn't miss this one out!

Have you ever heard of "Cow Brand"? 

"Cow Brand is a long seller brand in Japan with a history of over 100 years. Cow Style signifies daily life with peace of mind through Cow Brand products with the catch phrase "Life with Cow Brand Soap", and provides a lifestyle based on Japan quality (ease, safety, good quality) and Japan taste (material, scent, texture)."

When i first heard of this particular brand, i was pretty confused why on earth they named it as "Cow Brand" lol~ XD so i dug out a bit and found out that according to them :

"The Japanese culture has been synonymous with perseverance, humility and exemplary work ethos. For this reason, the Japanese believe in the old saying ‘Work as slow but at a steady pace as the cow’. This is where the origin of the Cow Brand philosophy comes from. To us, our cow symbol means more than just a trademark. The cow never moves backwards and will only march forward with great energy and perseverance. It is also gentle and docile, yet vibrant in nature – making it pleasant and likable to all. For all these reasons, we believe that the cow is a true reflection of our work philosophy. And with this philosophy in mind, we aim to continuously move forward and satisfy the ever-changing needs of our customers by delivering innovative, yet superior quality health and beauty products."

Cow Brand's product which i'm about to review right now is Gyunyu Shizen Gokochi Facial Cleansing Bar Soap in Green Tea.

There are 2 variants available : Charcoal and Green Tea


There's nothing memorable about the packaging except it looks very Japanese.


The foaming net is rolled with a piece of paper which contains information in Japanese which i could barely understand. However, at the back side there's an English sentence : "Made In China" lol i thought all of this soap parts are originally made and assembled in Japan~ XD

This is how it looks like after the rolled paper has been removed.

The soap itself is covered by a thin (almost see-through) paper. The size of the soap bar is regular like many others, as you can see at the pic above (with the palm of my hand as comparison).

Pretty Japanese words carving on top of the soap bar.

Easy steps for creating the foam just in case you guys are wondering~

After you have a generous amount of foam, then it's done! 

Color :

Dark Green. The color is too vivid for my liking since this is a skincare product with a direct touch to the face skin surface BUT having that said, i also believe Japanese beauty products are high quality, therefore they don't contain harmful ingredients (in this case, colorant).

Scent :

When i first opened and sniffed the soap bar, it was such a let down GAAAH~~~ :( because i didn't smell any Green Tea scent, which i found so confusing remembering almost all of my fella beauty bloggers told me how vibrant, delicious, nice the Green Tea scent is! >__<  if i had my eyes closed, i wouldn't have find out what scent it was since there's almost no scent whatsoever.

After wetting and lathering the soap however, there's a faint scent of Green Tea, then i realised the Green Tea scent kind of grew stronger everytime the soap is used, but yeah... as a big fan of Green Tea, i have to say the scent isn't anywhere near my expectation...

Does it really work as it claims?

1. Rich, creamy and bouncing lather.
 I'd say yes. The soap lathers up in such a short amount of time and really easy to produce nice, rich yet VERY SOFT foam which i like.

2. Removes dead cells and dirt of whitehead
I've been using it for a month and haven't see any improvement in these factors so i'd say no.

3. Makes one step brighter
I'd say no. This claim didn't work on me.

4. Makes clear complexion
Oh well... i can see my complexion is a TINY BIT clearer but nothing too significant / noticeable so i'd say no.

Recommended For :

This is a decent product for Green Tea scent lovers. Sniffing the calming scent of Green Tea while doing your facial wash will definitely make it more fun/put you in a better mood.

Do Not Recommended For : 

Those who want to see improvement/significant result of their skin. After using it for a month i decided to stop using this product.

Conclusion of Overall Performance :

I was excited to try this particular soap not only because of its Green Tea scent but also because most of my beauty blogger friends love this product. Oh well, i gotta say otherwise. I do not love this product simply because it doesn't work according to its claims and not even improve my skin towards betterment whatsoever. Having that said, this product might works for your skin though.

O.K, that's it for today!
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~Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


  1. sama nit...aku udah pake ini sampe abis, tapi gak ada perubahan signifikan. lembut sih di kulit, tapi so so aja, nothing special

    1. tos melll ! kita samaan banget... >,<
      padahal aku berharap ini produk oke loh resultnya, soalnya suka banget sama greentea2an… huhu

  2. Yaaahhh sayang banget ce nita ,padahal aku pengen nyoba ini ,suka green tea jugaaaa apalagi matcha ice cream lol
    Nice review ce ^^

    1. iya samaaa, aku juga suka bangettt ngie sama matcha… hahaha XD
      hmm… siapatau produk ini di kamu hasilnya ok sih, tp rata2 blogger yg aku tanyain pada samaan… ga ada hasil gimana2… hehehe… :(