Thursday, January 9, 2014

Make Over Pencil Eyeliner in Glam Gold Review!

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Happy New Year 2014!
Wish you guys nothing but the very best throughout this amazing year! :D

My first post of the year will be a review of MAKE OVER pencil eyeliner in Glam Gold. When it comes to eyeliner, I always use gel/liquid/pen types for my upper lash, I only use pencil types for my lower lash line, so I rarely buy and try many different brands of pencil eyeliner and just stick with my favorite, which is Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil.

With that being said, it’s only natural that I didn’t have any high expectations for Make Over pencil eyeliner since the price is really on the different level with Urban Decay (wayyy cheaper! lol). I just thought the shade Glam Gold is sooo pretty and the price is right, so I wanted to try it out real soon!


When I first saw it, it didn’t leave any impression on me. I think it’s average, not too classy/too tacky/too anything, it’s just… okay :|

The barcode with product name printed on it.

How the tip of the pencil eyeliner looks like.

Production code and expired date printed on the clear cap.



Oh well, the name of the product; “Glam Gold” really represents the product! It is indeed a glamorous  sparkly-gold color, highly pigmented and looks so expensive despite of the affordable price~!!! XD


So creamy yet smooth and glides on really, really easily! At the first  usage i loved the texture-like a lot! But after using it for a few times, i discovered that it’s too soft for my liking.

Waterproof test

Running tap water

The eyeliner stayed perfectly on the back of my hand. Waterproof test status : PASSED.

Rub test

I wiped the drops of tap water left on my hand with tissue then started rubbing gently on the swatch of pencil eyeliner. It didn’t budge at all! So I started rubbing it forcefully, lol. To my surprise, it still stayed (almost) perfectly, only the edge of the eyeliner that started to fade just a tiny bit!!!
Rub test status : PASSED.

Well, I don’t think wearing a bold gold colour eyeliner for the lower lash line is suitable for daily look, it’s a bit too over the top my my liking. I’ll stick with Black/White/Silver colour to compliment my lower lash line for daily look.

I did find my favorite way to wear this pencil eyeliner for daily look though! I wear it on my upper lash line to replace the daily routine Black eyeliner then putting on upper and lower falshies. IMHO it still looks pretty and not over the top for daily look.

If i wear Black eyeliner I usually don’t put on any falshies for daily look because it already gives me the illusion of bigger eyes, this Glam Gold pencil eyeliner however, if being used alone without the falshies, it looks so weird on me! it just makes people easily noticed how small my eyes are lol, but if you have big eyes i don’t think this will be a problem. 

Recommended for :

This a great product for women who are looking for a high quality and affordable pencil eyeliner in sparkly-bold gold color. This shade is fun to experiment with!

Not recommended for :

Women who loves natural make-up and always stick with neutral colors. This Glam Gold shade isn't really wearable for daily look so i think it'd be a waste.

Conclusion of Overall Performance

I have to say for its price, MAKE OVER pencil eyeliner in Glam Gold is actually a wonderful product. Expensive looking color,  highly pigmented, smooth and easy application, not to mention affordable!

Just bear in mind that Glam Gold isn't suitable for daily look though, it’s not a natural colour and you don’t wanna look too much, right? it’s for more festive occasion. 

Pros :

+ great color pay off
+ good staying power
+ glides on really easily
+ easy to use
+ easy to get
+ affordable (only IDR 74.500 for a shade this pretty! >___<)

Cons :

- the texture is super creamy but it's too soft for me (depends on your preference, though).
- the packaging isn’t appealing (forgettable and doesn’t leave any impression).

Thanks for visiting dear beauty enthusiasts!
Have a great 2014!
Take care~ (^_______^)/)

~Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)


  1. waa.. ini aku suka nitaaa..♥♡
    warnanya gonjreng.. cantik!

    1. iya warnanya cuakepppp banget len! >___<
      aku jug suka banget ini! harganya juga ramah dikantong, hihihi makasih ya udah mampir ^^

  2. goldnyaa cakepp nit.. ak baru pake lip linernya doank..huhuw
    padahal affordable ya..

    1. iya dewwwww cakep emang nih, warna terbaru dari seri pencil eyelinernya ^____^ lumayan loh rata2 prodak makeover ini, terjangkau tapi kualitasnya oke. hihihi~
      makasih udah mampir yah dew! :*