Friday, November 1, 2013

Miss Pop event by Loreal Paris Indonesia!

Hello Dear Nitarts' Make-Up Studio Guests~! (^___^)/)
Are you familiar with "Miss Pop" yet?
It's (currently) the newest make-up collections from Loreal Paris
If you haven't heard of it, here, i'll introduce you to the daring Miss Pop! 

On September 17th, i came to Loreal Paris Indonesia head office to attend Miss Pop event. It was my first time being there *excited* XD

The event started by Mrs. Lia from Loreal Paris Indonesia greeted the media representatives and beauty bloggers, then she gave us some infos regarding their newest collections. Miss Pop collections consist of Balmy Gloss, Glam Shine and Le Vernis Nail Polish.

Balmy Gloss

Glam Shine

After Mrs. Lia, it's time for the official Loreal Paris Indonesia make-up artist, Mr. Adi Adrian to do a demo of his version for Miss Pop make-up look. He told us how fun Miss Pop collection is, you can go bold and adventurous with your make-up.

Mr Adi and the model

While Mr. Adi was doing a demo, we were welcomed to play with a bunch of Loreal make-up products in front of each table *yayayay~ XD*

I was pretty curious of their eyeliners because i've never used them, apparently the colors are intense in just one swipe.

The infamous Loreal primer, Base Magique. I also haven't tried this product yet, so this was my first time touching it, lol. To my surprise, it has a really thick consistency!

The new Loreal True Match BB cream. Again, my first time trying it out, my first impression was "oh it did a good job covering a red spot on my hand" but well, i can't say much about this product since i only used it once on my hand.

After Mr. Adi has done with his make-up demo, all guests were told to create their own version of "Miss Pop" make-up look in just a short time! (probably around 20 minutes). The media representatives and beauty bloggers were all rushing!

Time's up! It's time for Mr. Adi to choose only 1 winner, but wait! he said that he can't choose 1 because there were 2 who deserve to win, so there were 2 winners instead.

Whoaaa~ i didn't expect he's going to say my name!  (\(O___O)/) the another winner and i had to sat up and took a pic with Mr. Adi Adrian and yeah i was dumbfounded and looked fat on the pic above while the Joy Magazine representative looked cute and slim... >__<

Oh, i forgot to mention Mr. Adi is 1 of the friendliest professional MUA(s) i've ever encountered! he's so down to earth and easy to talk to.

The event has finally come to an end... the guests snapped some pics together.

With fella beauty bloggers

All of the media representatives and beauty bloggers

Thank you Loreal Paris Indonesia for having me, i had a blast! :D

Thank you so much for visiting dear beauty enthusisasts!
I'll review the Miss Pop products later on
Stay fabulous and have a great day!
Take care! (^___^)/)

~ Nita Desilia Tannawi (@nitartstudio)

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