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My Top 9 Make-Ups in 2012!!

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It seems like almost everyone has already made their faves makeup/skincare/nail/beauty products of December or 2012, so i decided to make one as well, here goes my list of top 9 makeups in 2012! Yayyy~! :D yes, 9 instead of 10, i know 9 doesn't sound right, lol *cough* very odd indeed i didn't go with top 10, but well, idk what i should have for the tenth, so i left it as it is.

*Please keep in mind this post is NOT meant to be product reviews, so i'll just give brief explanations for each of the product and what works for me probably won't work for you because we have different skin conditions ^___^*

Without further due, i proudly present you these babies :

1. Drugstore Foundation : Revlon Colorstay Makeup with SoftFlex SPF 6 for Combination/Oily Skin in 220 Medium Beige.

This is my most used foundie this year, totally my fave drugstore foundie! Blends easily, buildable coverage, lightweight, good staying power, available in many stores, doesn't break me out, and super affordable. *love love* as for high end foundie, i  haven't found my fave.

- Price : 125.000 rupiahs.
- You can get this product at : Local Revlon counters in your country.

2. B.B Cream : Geo Rx Platinum Mineral Multi-solution B.B Cream.

My mom's friend who's involved professionally in beauty industry gave this as souvenir from Korea, according to her, this B.B cream is one of the finest quality. Mehhh... I honestly didn't know what's so good about this Blemish Balm cream....... until i bought the infamous Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream  asdfghjkl... this product works waaaaay better than Missha's!!! omygosh. =__="

- Price : S $24
- You can get this product at : Singapore website ---> 

3. Powder : Geo Rx Luminous B.B pact.

Super soft texture, gives you the right amount of beautiful healthy complexion,  not over the top, which is super important for everyday look IMHO.

- Price : S $21
- You can get this product at : Singapore website ---> 

4. Eyeshadow Palette : Naked Palette by Urban Decay

One of the palettes that actually makes beauty enthusiasts around the world go crazy!! lol XD i love this  product, this one is probably the nearest palette to what i call as perfection.
Why? well firstly, I SUPER LOVE THE PACKAGING. Carefully thought, beautifully executed. Velvet, really? yes the velvet choice of material has won my heart by the first touch. Elegant typography, well-balanced layout design. Oh how i love this super classy packaging!!! T___T but yeah, this really depends, because i'm not so into cute/kawaii packaging when it comes to make up, i prefer classy.
Secondly, The mini primer, oh well, this is the best eye primer i have ever encountered this year, and thirdly, let's not forget the US $26 brush included inside!!! i treasure the brush to the extend i've only used it once. omg the only brush which has the same feeling of class is Bobbi Brown's. Lastly, the eyeshadows. lol it's ironic but i love the packaging way more than the eyeshadows.

- Price : US $50 *a very good deal, lemme tell you once again, go grab yours now lol*
- You can get this product at :

5. Set : Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Look with Brush.

GAAAAAAAH this set is sucha good deal of money!! >__< unfortunately Bobbi Brown cosmetics doesn't sell this anymore, they replaced it with "In the Black Long Wear Gel Eye Set" by now CMIIW. Sooo glad i bought this set, super fine US $25 brush.

- Price : i don't really remember but it's around US $45-$55
- You can get this product at : .Now, N/A.

6. Blush Palette : 10 Blush Palette by Coastal Scents.

Super convinient! as the name shows, this palette consists of 10 blush of various colors, you can do so much from this palette, there are colors which you can use as bronzers, shading, contouring, and of course, blush on. Simple yet very useful.

- Price : US $15.95 *super affordable, right?* :)
- You can get this product at :

7. Skindinavia No More Shine MakeUp Finish in 2oz.

This setting spray is pretty cool. lol, nothing to extraordinary but it does its job!!! It holds your makeup throughout the day, suits for special occassion. I wore this to BigBang concert because there's TOP, my fave member of BigBang lol.

- Price : US $19
- You can get this product at :

8. Lipstick : Etude My Dear Blooming Lips-Talk in OR206.
The color is gorgeous once you swipe it onto your lips!! *__* don't be deceived by it's super horrifying orange colors, no no, NO. It delivers different result once you put it on. This shade is pretty!!

- Price : may vary in various countries but it's a Low End brand, so it's supposed not to be sold expensively.
- You can get this product at : Local Etude Counters in your country.

9. Lipgloss : Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in Timothy.

The most unique packaging lipgloss design EVER. Some find this creepy, some find this really cool. well for me it's interesting and nowhere near ordinary. The man picture on the cap can change when you tilt this thing back and forth. There are two pics, the man in suit and the man naked, just wearing underwear. Trololol~ XD
Aside from the packaging, the product's scent is like caramel!! *__* for someone who loves sweets like i do, this is superb!! The texture is super smooth as well. *love love*. Totally worth it! Unfortunately, Urban Decay doesn't produce this thing anymore CMIIW because i can't find this on their website anymore... :( Oh Timothy, you're the one. lol

- Price : i don't really remember but i think it's around US $19 like other UD's lipgloss.
- You can get this product at : .Now, N/A.

All of the products :

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  1. wahhh si bb cream geo rx bagus yaa? br dgr akuu xD
    itu si lipgloss UD nya menarik bgt hahaha.. man naked just wearing underwear? huahahahhaa...
    walaupun yg aku pnya itu naked2 tp mmg palet UD yg satu ini ga bole dilewatkannn :3

  2. iya, aku juga baru denger Geo rx wktu dikasih itu, Rin, dan waktu itu ngeremehin banget karena belom pernah denger nama brand nya sama sekali, eh taunya bagus lho.. *__*
    ahaha palet UD emang suka bkin kesengsem yaaa >,< aku juga pengen beli lho Naked2 taun depan, packagingnya okee yaampun racun...
    itu beneran wanginya enaaak banget si UD nya gyaaaa~ kapan2 kalo ketemu aku bawain ya biar km bisa cium... wkwkwk XD