Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Skin Aqua Indonesia Beauty Talk Event

Hello beauty enthusiasts! 
Have you ever heard of Skin Aqua? What a silly question, yes? 
of course... it's the no. 1 UV Skin Care in Japan! :D

*promotional pic by Skin Aqua Indonesia, i do not own this*

Last month, Skin Aqua Indonesia invited me along with some other beauty bloggers to attend their Beauty Talkshow held at Tartine Restaurant, FX -Sudirman, Jakarta. I was pretty excited because i do use one of their product, which is the UV Moisture Milk with longer UV protection - SPF 50+ PA+++ for face and body when i travel to minimize the bad effect of the UV rays exposure for my delicate face skin.

Okay, let's moving on to the event report :)

Felicia and i were the first to be arrived! lol we came too fast, i guess. The staffs greeted us warmly, i got to meet mas Dien, the one who invited me, he said i was the hardest blogger for him to contact. MY BAD! He still treated me kindly, i'm sorry mas Dien! :S

We're welcomed with early dinner by Tartine restaurant :9

There were 3 speakers that night :

1. Ms. Ditta Amalia - Product Specialist PT. Rohto Pharmaceutical Indonesia
2. Mr. Furuya Akiyoshi - Vice President PT. Rohto Pharmaceutical Indonesia
3. Ms. Adira  - Fashion Editor

Mr. Furuya told us how Japanese nowadays are more picky to choose their Skin Care, including Sunscreens. Most of them choose Skin aqua for their UV skin care because they feel protected without feeling heavy after the application. Yes guys, this UV skin care line's texture is watery, so don't worry about the annoying sticky feeling, just wait until it absorbs perfectly and you're done! :D

Ms. Ditta explained pretty deeply about the UV rays. Well guys, did you know that there are 3 types of UV? UV-A, UV-B, UV-C. People tend to use SPF only with no PA++ (including me T__T). Yes, SPF will protect your skin from the UV-B which caused sunburn BUT it is the UV-A which caused darker skin tone and early skin aging!! Well i honestly didn't know about this until i attended this event, oh thanks for the depth of the informations given in this beauty talkshow.

There are 4 variants of Skin Aqua UV Skin Care products, so you can choose which of the four would suits your skin condition best ^__^ :

*promotional pic by Skin Aqua Indonesia, i do not own this*

1. Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk
* For dry - sensitive skin
* Contains SPF 25 with PA++ (yay! :D)
* Contains Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, vitamin E
* Does not contain any kind of perfume / colorant / mineral oil
* Can be used as make up base ;)

2. Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel
* For normal - oily skin
* Contains SPF 30 with PA++ (yay again!)
* Contains Improved Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, vitamin B5, E and C
* Oil free formula
* Also can be used as make up base ;)

3. Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk 

* For longer protection against UV rays
* Contains SPF 50 with PA++ (product with the biggest SPF by Skin Aqua UV Skin Care, ideal for travelling! :D)
* Contains Improved Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, vitamin B5, and E
* Oil free formula
* Also can be used as make up base ;)

4. Skin aqua UV Whitening Milk

* The name says it all, this product is for those who want to get fairer skin! :)
*Contains SPF 20 with PA++ 
* Contains Improved Hyaluronic Acid and collagen
* Contains Arbutin to make your skin looks fairer
* Also can be used as make up base ;)

important note!

Skin Aqua products are NOT waterproof, so it's essential that you re-apply the usage every 3 hours to keep your skin protected!!! :)

Big group photo of Indonesian Beauty Bloggers!

 *pic is taken from Felicia's blog *

*pic is taken from Ce Phanie's blog*

After the event, me and some of my blogger friends, Endi Feng, Ce Phanie, Franky , Shella , Marsha, Ce Priscilla etc. headed to Foodism to drink & chit chat. yay~ :D

*pic is taken from Ce Phanie's blog*

The goodie bag i received from Skin Aqua, thanks a lot for having me! i felt honored :)

Until next time, take care dear Nitarts' Make Up Studio Guests! :)


  1. nita.. uda cobain yg buat kulit oily blom? bikin breakout ga? lagi dilema cari sunblok soalnya hihihi...


  2. Halo Sheilla :D

    aku udah cobain dan hmm... kalo di aku sih ga bikin breakout ya... malah, aku cukup sukaaa pake itu soalnya kalo yg UV Moisture Gel untuk oily skin IMHO teksturnya malah lebih encer lagi kalo dibandingin sama yg Moisture Milk (SPF 50), jadi proses menyerap ke kulitnya lebih cepet dan ga bikin sensasi lengket yg ga banget itu >__< jadi praktis dan harganya terjangkau pula :D