Monday, October 1, 2012

Make Over for SM Town INA Concert by Lancome

Hello dear Nitartstudio Guests!
Hope you're doing awesome! :D

If you're one of die hard Kpop fans in Indonesia there's no freaking way you didn't know about SM Town INA concert at Gelora Bung Karno on September 22nd!!! Even if you're not a fan, bet you've heard about it, because it is that popular. As for me, i only bought the ticket to see SNSD aka Girls' Generation, OMYGOSHHHH i adore them ROFL XD i think they're effortlessly gorgeous and uh... my best friends know how i love pretty ladies...  *in the most STRAIGHT way possible, of course! :O* 

On that day, i had to attend Lancome beauty event at Mall Taman Anggrek (Make Up Consultant duel  between Carnellin and Hanna) at 11 PM as i already told you in the previous post.

I did bring my own make up tools and products because i thought i had to do it my own for the concert look *didn't get the info about the free make over* So yeah that was really troublesome since it's pretty heavy after some looong hours because i also brought a Taeyeon (1 of 9 SNSD members) hoodie! T^T i thought it would be somewhat awkward to wear it for a beauty event.

Here's a pic of how the make over desk looks like at Lancome booth, omg i wanna take some items home lol

Ms Rosdiana told me she'd be doing a natural make up look for me, i said yes,  Korean make up are mostly natural and famous for selling the "no make up look", so it was a perfect choice IMO.

Here's the result !

unfortunately the lighting was yellowish so i tried to take a pic elsewhere tho i was in a hurry, to show you guys how good the result was, it's already 3:30 PM something, GOSH! O_o

 I swear the foundation (Lancome Teint miracle) is magical !! it covers imperfections on my skin flawlessly after the application *love love*

i'm currently having this pic as the profile picture on facebook, i'm not even sure why. Let's say i was just bored.

*ignore the weird face expression -___-"*

After changing to Taeyeon Hoodie with a big "22" and "Girls' Generation" written lol there's no freaking way i'd put this on to the Lancome beauty event right O_O

pros :

I think she did a great job on the eyebrows! >_< she groomed and shaped it flawlessly! and no i'm not exaggerating, even my blogger friend said so... IMHO Ms Rosdiana is really good in doing eyebrows.

cons :

MY HAIR HURT A LOT. in the pics above you can't even see the ponytail right? it's because of the height!!! oh my my it's really high... i think because she was kinda hurrying in doing my make over, she forgot about the customers' comfort level... she done my hair fast yet roughly. :'(

Overall :

well, in the end i have to say, all in all, i love the result, apart of the poorly done hair do, the make up was great! and the foundie asdfghjkl;' again, i think i have to say, it was miraculous! Lancome Teint miracle is definitely one of the best foundie i've tried. I wore it from around 3PM and it stayed put pretty good on my face even after the concert at around 10.00 PM++ and even after getting home, around 01.30 AM, it wasn't that bad, tho it wasn't as good. lol what a foundie, if you're looking for one, this definitely worth a try! :)


  1. WOOOH you've got the make over??
    mauuuu >.<

  2. iya dapettt Mel, emg km ga dapet? aku pikir yg di PI pasti lebih mewah deh, hehe :P

  3. ow you look great nit! i've tried teint miracle as well and love it! my mom even bought that! *jadi mikir beli juga jangan yaa* ahahaha

  4. thanks Fel ! :)
    waahhh... mama km beli juga? emang bagus sih, ga salah pilih itu.. ahaha ayo ikutan beli juga, ga bakalan nyesel sepertinya ;P

  5. whaa I like the no make up make up look on you!!! so natural yet beautiful :D

  6. thanks Rindodo! :D iya keliatan natural gara2 foundie nya itu yg oke ^^